Types of Grids


Grid-7, Grid-12, Grid-49, Grid-144

Grid 7

A Personal grid that works together with your 7 main chakra system:


  1. The root chakra: the connection to earth, to the power of life, survival. Colors: red, brown.

  2. The spleen chakra: creation, creativity, intimate relationship, parents, children, family. Color: orange

  3. The solar plexus (sun) chakra: clarity, intuition, knowledge, social connections, and contracts. Color: yellow

  4. The heart chakra: love, giving and receiving, bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Colors: green and pink

  5. The throat chakra: communication, expression of feelings and ideas. Color: blue

  6. The third eye chakra: wisdom, knowing, inner sight, psychic vision. Color: purple

  7. The crown chakra: the connection to the pure divine light, to the universe, and to the higher self. Color: white


The 7 chakras Grid allows you to explore yourself in different kinds of layers, to realize your abilities, your strengths, your patterns, your forms. It can assist you to break out of your "box" and define anew your path.


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Grid 12

A Personal grid that works together with your 12 chakra system;


Along with the 7 main chakras, we have an additional 5 chakras that together create a 12 chakra system.


The additional 5 chakras are:

  1. High heart chakra, expressed through the thymus gland and from the back between C5 & C6, color turquoise

  2. Well of dreams chakra, connected to the brainstem and goes out through the back of the body, color Pink Tourmaline

  3. Higher self chakra, above the Crown chakra, color pearlescent

  4. Divine Feminine chakra, above the Higher Self chakra, color pearlescent gold

  5. Divine Masculine chakra, above the Divine Feminine chakra, color gold


The 12 chakras Grid allows you to expand your energy field and the light you shine. It's deepens your connection with the forces of creation and your higher self, and assists you to understand life at a higher level.


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Naama Gabbay
Grid 49

A Personal grid that focus on a specific theme in your life; this grid creates a wave of movement in your life, and helps you move to the next level ...


The grid is defined for a certain period of time (for example: 3 months), during which you are in a healing processes, movement and changes... New doors will open, New light will bright your vision and consciousness. 


The grid is made from 49 shapes and 49 colors, which bring to you varieties of possibilities to see and realize your reality.


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Naama Gabbay
Grid 144

An infinite personal grid that brings a deep healing to a specific subject.

The 144 Grid is rich in light frequencies, that creates together a wave of healing.  


This wave repeats itself again and again... bringing more light to your field, elevating your consciousness higher, until you are tuned up with grid.


Grid 144 is a wonderful healing tool to get forward in your life! It takes you ahead in big steps! 


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