Treating Your Feet

What do you know about your feet?

How often you look at them?

How do you treat them?


The feet are the roots of your body, your contact with Earth. The first connection with Earth.


What is the roll of the feet?

  • The feet keep us stable and balanced on the ground.

  • The feet keep us moving from place to place.

  • The feet are a big channel of information, energy and Light.

  • The feet are a door for Healing and cure.


Our feet are a big station of sensors. All the organs in our body are connected through lines to points in the feet. Every point in the feet represents an organ in the body. Therefore we can treat all the parts of the body through the feet.


The feet are receptors. They have the potential to transmit a big amount of energy. We can charge our body with energy through the feet. We can start by nourishing it from Earth; Getting connected with Earth and allowing the vital Healing energy to come up through the feet. You can do this twice a week and feel the change you have in your energy level, in your body and health.


Are your feet closed all day in shoes?

Your feet are a picture of your life: The way they look is how you live your life. Look at the texture of your skin, see if there is hard skin, look at the colour of your feet (it is not one coloured for sure!), how many colours you recognize? Search for the marks and signs your feet carry, each one has its own meaning.


Your feet are telling the story of your life... It shows your personality, your character, your force points and your weak points. It shows also what needs attention and care in your life.


All that you are is presented in your feet. Thus, your feet are an "access station", like the electricity panel in the house. All the connections are ending / beginning there. Therefore, treating your feet well is treating your body well, and the other way around. This is a key point.


How to treat your feet?

  • Imagine straight lines from your feet, going down to Earth, like roots. See these roots going deeper in Earth, passing in layers of soil, going through air pockets, mysteries caves of crystal stones, and secret water reserves. Let your roots be nourished by this beautiful energy of Earth.  

  • Walk barefoot on Earth, have a direct contact with Earth. Feel the energy of Earth in your feet. It keeps us alive, vital, clean, and healed.

  • Massage your feet; touch them with love and caring. You can smear them with cream or oil, massaging intuitively different points in your feet.


Healthy Feet support a healthy body and life.