Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light

Topics for Light Language grid 



You can have a grid for any topic you need to heal or change in your life.

Here are some suggested topics / themes.



Do you feel your relationship doesn’t flow well? Have you ever wondered why your relationships are coming to an end? Have you ever felt you lose yourself in a relationship? Is your heart open for a new connection?

You can have a grid to start a new relationship, to enjoy a loving intimate relationship, to make a better communication in an existing relationship, to strength the bonding in your relationship, or to end a relationship with a person, or clear some issues between you and a partner/ friend/ colleague/ family member, etc…



Do you feel stuck in your job? Do you feel you are not well appreciated? Are you afraid to make a change? Would you like to start a new successful business? 

You can have a grid to get a new job, to start a new business, to get a raise, to get a promotion, to enjoy your work environment, to create new network connections, to create new possibilities in your work environment, etc…



Do you feel angry and frustrated with your parents? Have you ever wished for a simple loving relationship with them? Do you secretly wish to make peace with your brother/sister? Are you having a fertility treatments and it is going hard?  

You can have a grid to create clarity and understanding in your family relations, to harmonize the atmosphere, to heal a connection with a family member (parent/ child/ brother/ sister…), to conceive a baby, to support pregnancy, to support birth, etc…



Are you feeling "home" now? Do have the urge to change your place of living? Are you dreaming of having your own cozy place? Are you trying to sell your house and it doesn’t go easy?

You can have a grid to find a new home, to move to a new city or country, to make roots in a new place, to adjust to a new place, to buy/sell your house/property, to keep your house clean from low energy, to raise the level of energy in your house, etc…



What is your attitude towards money? Do you feel you deserve to receive? Do you compromise on what you need? Do you limit yourself? Do you settle for less?

You can have a grid to open your abundance consciousness, to change your attitude for money and wealth, to have an easy flow of money, to find new sources of income, to feel you deserve to live good life, etc…



Is it hard for you to concentrate when you study? Do you feel tired of thinking? Do you feel you have too many things on your mind? Do you have fear from learning new things?

You can have a grid to learn a new topic, to acquire new knowledge, to learn a new language, to support yourself during exams, to support yourself during a course, etc…


Self Development:

Do you feel sometimes confused or lost? Do you feel depressed and sad? Do you feel the world is going against you? Do you have resistance to situations/people? Do you feel low energy?

You can have a grid for trusting yourself, for increasing your self-confidence, for having mental clarity, for have a connection with your higher-self, for receiving more light, for having self-discipline, for making boundaries, for developing your talents, etc…


A personal grid can support any change you wish to make in your life with:

relationships, family, friends, work, money, place of living, studies, personal development, consciousness, etc...


Types of Grids

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Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabaay, Joy of Light