"The Complete Self" Class

In the class of "The Complete Self" you will learn how to connect separated and disconnected parts within you, and project pure energy that opens blockages and unifies the entire system together!


Our bodies are embedded with the divine consciousness, and carry within it connections to all aspects of life: physical, emotional, astral, energetical, spiritual, earth, the stars, the universe, etc...

Everything is combined in a perfect synchronization, in harmony, in perfect divine order... But when blockages and separations are created within the system, it can manifest illnesses and pains, confusion, lack of clarity, lack of concentration, fear, anxiety, distrust, unbalanced relationships, disconnections from family and friends, and anything that is separating us from life.

The shamanic healing of "The Complete Self" is a healing that brings connections and flow between all parts together, as one complete and balanced system.


It is a high consciousness of Healing, which can serve anyone, at any point in his life... This is a wonderful gift for yourself and for anyone who needs to connect and unite with all parts of the whole...

This is a magical journey of several hours, during which we will pass through a high gate of consciousness, allowing our bodies to connect and synchronize. In this class, you will receive the Initiation to the sacred healing of "The Complete Self", practicing and experiencing it.

This healing, the "complete self", came as inspiration to the consciousness of Naama when she was doing preparations for the "Divine Intervention" initiation, in her training path as a teacher of Divine Intervention (D.I).

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