"The 4 Directions of the Heart"


The class "The 4 Directions of the Heart" is a healing for:

broken hearts, pain from separation, difficulties in relationships, blockages and limitations in the heart, closed heart, protected heart, depression, sadness, grieving, etc... 


This class will assist you to open your heart without fear, to enjoy love, to create healthy intimacy (first with yourself!), to feel joyful and liberated, to have a healthy joyful relationship, to be closer to your true self, to take responsibility for what you feel. 


In this class, we will learn 2 unique shamanic techniques that expand the energy of the heart from all directions!  


This class, "The 4 Directions of the Heart", is a wonderful opportunity to be connected with your heart, to make yourself comfortable and peaceful in relationships, to overcome problems and misunderstandings, and to communicate directly from your heart.

The heart is an energetic center of which we connect as one with the universe. The heart creates unity with other hearts; the more it is clear and open, the more we experience the divine oneness and love.


On the physical plane we experience separation in the heart that can cause pain and sorrow. The contact and connections of hearts in relationships can teach us what we need for unity and love.


The ability to accept who we are and to see the similarity to others, is through the heart. When the heart is open to receive, it is open to give as well. When the heart is free of jugement it is able to see the beauty in all things.


In this class, "The 4 Directions of the Heart", we will pass through the layers of the heart, cleaning and releasing heaviness and barriers. We will "resource" the heart with new vibrations that support lightness, clarity and joy!    

Testimony of Helen:

"What an uplifting and healing course! Naama is the perfect guide who instantly makes

everyone feel comfortable, secure and valued within the group. She imparts information in

a clear manner and maintains a manageable pace.


The course content strikes just the right balance between theory and practice. It is always an honour to be in the company of Naama, who is wise, kind and intuitive; she has a real gift for healing and knowledge in abundance.


I felt very humbled and privileged to be taught shamanic techniques passed down through generations of healers. The understanding and experience I gained was invaluable as are Naama’s sage pearls of wisdom, both of which I shall always cherish.


The energy within our sacred space was tangible and created a deep sense of harmony

and connection. I whole-heartedly recommend this course, without reservation, to anyone

who wants to improve their quality of life, discover their inner light and connect to a higher



My heart feels wider, warmer and ‘detoxed’ for having attended. Deep

gratitude to you Naama; you’re a true shining star of brilliance and a rainbow of colour!"