Testimonials of clients


Here are testimonies of people that have experienced Healing Sessions with Naama,

and were accompanied by her in their path.

Naama Gabbay, Bergerac

Helen Testimony

" Life is not meant to be an easy journey; Joseph Campbell once said, The secret cause of all suffering, is mortality itself, which is the prime condition of life. It cannot be denied if life is to be affirmed. We are all effected by circumstance, past experiences, past lives which can leave wounds buried within the soul, that we may not even be aware of, that hinder our individual and collective progress.


In the west today, we are not explicitly taught how to care for ourselves at a spiritual level and we live largely separate lives, despite the growth of social media, as opposed to having the support and guidance of a tribal community, where people are prepared for and guided through the milestones of life together. We have lost touch with this ancient wisdom that has been passed down through generations and which lies dormant still within us. I can say with the certainty of experience that Naama can help heal and reconnect us once again.


I found Naama quite by chance (or was it synchronicity) on a website during a visit to family in France while searching for alternative therapies in the area. I liked Naama instantly; she radiates tranquility, wisdom and light. It can be difficult to express deep feelings and set healing intentions to ourselves, let alone anyone else, but I found Naama to be insightful, intuitive, patient and kind. I felt quite nervous and rather vulnerable at the beginning of our first meeting, maybe even a bit awkward and apologetic, but lying back in the treatment room surrounded by crystals and healing energy it became incredibly easy to relax and trust both Naama and the process.


Expectation is an indefinable concept; no one knows how they might respond until they are actually experiencing something for themselves as individuals. For me, the first session was gentle, comforting and insightful and many amazing things occurred; a concrete example centers around the fracturing of my ankle some several months ago and a slow recovery. During the session, I experienced an involuntary, forceful jolt that shot down my leg to my ankle and the dull pain I had been constantly experiencing disappeared within a tremendous sensation of warmth. Something shifted in me after that first meeting with Naama and at last I felt the clarity and courage to freely move forwards with hope once again. The unblocking was subtle and gradual yet profound and Naama instinctively knew what I needed. When I left, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted and that I was quite literally walking on air, that my mind, body and spirit were all working in perfect harmony and the worlds around seemed brighter, more colourful, connected and welcoming.


The second meeting with Naama centered around clearing deep grief and again the journey was as blissful as described above; although, a few hours later I experienced flu like symptoms that lasted for a day and a half. I firmly believe that I was not conventionally ill but that my whole being was shifting and ridding itself of everything that no longer served me, negative concepts I had unconsciously held on to and past hurts; they all came flooding out physically as the cells reprogrammed. Naama was there for me throughout via email and responded quickly to my questions reassuring me that all was well and it most definitely was.


The last session was incredibly beautiful and now that all the debris of the soul had been shed, Naama filled me with the sensation of purest light and wondrous energy that is beyond words. The whole experience propelled my life forwards and helped me get to where I wanted to go that much quicker and with adept guidance and care. I cannot recommend Naama or her work enough; she is a truly joyous human being, an old soul with divine wisdom and healing hands. Before, I was unsure and struggling to keep my head above water, now I'm swimming strongly for the horizon. In the words of Rumi, an experience with Namma is, to wander in the fields of flowers, pull thorns

from your Heart. "

Naama Gabbay, Bergerac

Noga Testimony

Naama Gabbay, Bergerac

Sharon Testimony

" I’ve learned to know Naama through faceBook group. I was looking for some help with my swelling and swollen legs through my first pregnancy, and as I heard many good things about her, I went to see her.

I set an appointment and never regretted it!


Naama is carrying a special ability to touch and contact physically and through it emotionally. And I was surprised time and again from my body reaction. It was the first time for me to meet a person who can hold and contain, act totally nonjudgmental and give endlessly.


A year after I gave birth I went back to see her in her clinic. Naama was already then professional in many more therapeutic techniques and methods. Again the effect on my body was hard to explain. It was phenomenal. One of the sessions deled with my childhood and past traumas. I felt as a long distance runner in my own body.  It was a timeless experience – physically and emotionally. It is hard to describe it by writing or by words, but still I can say I visited different stages and regions of my life journey with the protecting and caring guidance of Naama.


I visited some Alternative healers in my life, but Naama impact my life the most. 

I call her the kindheartedness magician - and so she is. "

Naama Gabbay, Bergerac

Dana Testimony

" I was five month pregnant when I met Naama.

Back then I didn’t feel well and the pregnancy turned to become a burden rather than a joy.

It was not clear to me how I will manage to go through it. I was seeking for help and eventually found Naama through her internet website. I was looking for something that will bring peace and relaxation, I wanted to feel happy and health.

I was highly aware of the effect of my physical and emotional situation on my baby and wished that she will sense a happy, relaxed and well balanced mother.


As soon as I met with Naama I knew I arrived to the right place. Her kindness, softness and smile immediately inspired me with tranquility. As the treatment had started I found myself relaxed and comfortable. My breath become deeper and I managed to rest after a long time I had not. I felt how all my stressors are grow weak until they almost completely disappeared.

I left the first session with a great feeling of happiness, hope and relief. I continued meeting Naama on a permanent base for weekly sessions and found out that my overall feeling had tremendously changed. I had filled with a new energy, felt fresh and healthy, and was free from anxiety and stress. 


Naama took with me the road and was their when I delivered my baby. Her presence with me was meaningful and powerful at the same time. My lovely baby had turned two lastly, and still Naama is there with me, whenever I need her and whenever I find myself in a turning point or a cross road.


The healing process I went through with Naama had become an inseparable part of who I am today. The variety of treatments she gave me had helped me heal and grow. She is still there whenever I need her. Her care and her healing touch works as a magic on me. I become filled with pure energy, light and love. The crystals she gave me accompany me constructively thanks to her.


Naama had turned to become part of my life. It is such a relief to know that she is there whenever I need her. Even if physically – she is far away. She is still with me with an answer, good advice and support. "

Naama Gabbay, Bergerac

Yedida Testimony

" Dear Naama,


I am writing these words with love to describe the deep and unique feeling I had through the treatments you gave me.


Your hands are magical and full of healing energy. Every painful or poorly feeling part in my body was treated by you carefully and directly. I felt unexplained healing touch and energy streams toe to head. I felt cleansing, relaxation and revival of body and soul. The enormous feelings, and healing power had swept my thoughts and my internal and external sensations. I felt strength, vitality and liveliness.


Your touch was a miracle to me.  The colorful, varied grids completed the magical, healing path and brought the whole process to its perfection. The whole sensation was deeply strong and wonderful.

I felt total trust in you professionally and personally.


I hope and wish you will continue to give strength and wellness, cure and remedy to all who needs. "

" It is challenging to put in words the experiences I am going through since I met Naama.

It all had started in an innocent search in Google… pretty easy I found Naama, and had drowned in her wonderful website. We had started to write to each other and Naama had given me sensitively and patiently answers to all my questions and concerns. After a while it was time for me to meet her in person.


Meeting with Naama turned to become a meaningful turning point for me. After every healing session I found out that I became stronger, clearer to myself and with a new insight about life and my relationships.

As time pass, I felt much more connected to my inner self, relaxed, tranquil and comfortable. My confident became stronger and I have learned to trust my intuition and senses.


After the treatments I had experienced the world differently. My relationships had healed and grow fresh and purity.

A new balance had created for me. With no special efforts, something had changed in my world… my existence became more flowing and natural.


My experience with Naama had created a change in me. It helped me see the world in a new way. I have learned to contain and except. I feel surrounded with love and care. I have learned how to deal and solve conflicts, and to create honest and stable relationship. Naturally and gently the stream of my life got a new definition.


I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Naama and to be assisted by her; it was and still is an extraordinary powerful gift for life. "