"Thank you NAAMA for these two days of training:

'Pervect-Value' and 'Abundance and Money'... The light of the energy you share with such kindness will shine long over our bowls of abundance... "



"...I got a lot of energy during the training ... For me it was a new field to explore and change my thought forms about money.

In group it is always more powerful too... In my stage, It strengthens my will to contribute to the world and to be rich too... Thank you Naama, and I'm looking forward to the other trainings... "


Teaching; Shamanic Training

By Naama Gabbay

The next shamanic courses :

"Light Language level 1"   22-23/02/2020

"Light Language level 1"   14-15/03/2020

"Light Language level 2"   27-28-29/03/2020

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About the Shamanic Training

These shamanic courses are an opportunity for a change.

Each course opens for you a new portal to explore and discover new dimensions. Each training takes you to a journey that broadens your true light and connects your spirit with the source.


This is a journey that your soul is asking... it is your call.


In this page you can read about the different shamanic courses.

Each course is complete and there is no need in a previous experience or knowledge. All trainings are suitable for all, no matter what background you have.
In each training, you will learn a
practical shamanic tool that can be useful in your daily life.


These shamanic tools comes to us from the Curanderos lineage in Mexico, a sacred knowledge of great Shamans and Healers.


Who can learn these classes?


whom wishes to enrich his life and learn new dimensions of energy. For people who gives service: therapists of all kind, nurses, doctors, physical-therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, Sofrologists, massage therapist, therapists of health and well-being, and everyone who is interested to expand his consciousness.


About the Classes

  • The classes are given in a group of minimum 8 people.  

  • There is an option to have the class in your place, Organize a group and I will come to you!


What kind of Healing methods you can learn?