Soul Pulling

Shamanic Classes By Naama Gabbay

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when? Saturday 02/03/19 Hours: 10:00-19:00

where? In the beautiful place "Maison DoDo"

23, Route du Boham - 24680 Lamonzie Saint Martin

There is a place only for 12 people!

Soul pulling is a special technique for bringing back parts of your soul that have been lost during traumatic experiences, in this life and in previous lives. This healing technique will help you gain back parts of your soul, so you can be in your full light.

Have you ever felt your soul flourishing?

Have you ever had a crisis or a traumatic event in which you felt you lost parts of yourself?

Have you ever felt that your breath was stuck while you experienced a very fearful and traumatic event?


In such situations, we lose particles of our energy field, pieces of our soul, which are pulled out while we experience traumatic or critical events: a deep rift, great sadness, fear and terror...


The Soul Pulling Healing collects back those pieces that were lost and returns them to the same parts of the body they left from, which creates a new integration of your energy field. This is a powerful Healing that gives a feeling of wholeness and peace.

In this class I will initiate you for this ancient powerful Healing that comes from Spain. It will take you to a journey, connecting with your soul, to bring back lost pieces of your soul.

During this class you will gain back your force and light that was lost... enlarging the light of your soul will make you more centered, stable and clear in your path. Soul Pulling is a sacred Healing that makes you more complete and calm by connecting parts of your soul together.


In this class you will learn this sacred technique, and you will be able to practice it on your own.

** There will be a shared lunch on this day: please bring a vegan/vegetarian dish to share, a personal plate, cup and cutlery.


Payment for this class: 129

Early Birds until 28/02/19: 110

Payment in advance: by cheque or PayPal

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Naama GABBAY, 6 rue Victor Duruy, 24100 Bergerac

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