Choices of Shamanic Healing

Welcome to the space of healing and light

A door to higher dimensions

Time and place do not exist here

There are infinite possibilities

Experience the transformation of material


This healing is beyond dimensions of time and space that we experience on Earth.

These shamanic sessions are opening a door to high healing frequencies, revealing themselves to the western culture through the Curanderos lineage in Mexico. This healing is made to bring up the level of chi and life-energy in a person, to clean, to clear, to connect, to tune up whatever is needed.

How this healing can serve you?

Here are some examples of the shamanic treatments:


  •  Grief Relief: A special healing that release deep sorrow, sadness, confusion, unclarity, and brings new vibrations of love, brightness, and connection with divinity.


  •  Heart Healing: opens up the energy in your heart, physically and emotionally. It cleans toxins from your heart, and supports a balanced heart rate. It assists you to make changes in all your relationships, go deeper in intimate relationship, and open your heart for abundance.


  •  Eating Disorders: This special technique helps you digest all kind of materials in your life: on the physical level – food and nutrition, on the emotional level – feelings and traumatic events, on the mental level – ideas, perceptions and thought form, on the spiritual level – remove the blockages and barriers you have with the pure light of source. All in all you will begin receiving and accepting life in a flowing harmony's way.


  • Stress and Worries: Shamanism works with your consciousness and helps you relax in a deep meditation. During the healing session your skeletal, muscles and all your inner organs are relaxed and loose, open to receive a new wave of energy.  


  • Crohn's disease: This disease causes pain in the belly and the intestines, due to inflammation, and limits the nutrition of a person. It can be cured with shamanism special healing technique.


  • Cancer: It is possible to cure cancer through shamanism. The principle of cancer is the elimination of healthy cells by distributing plenty of weak cells in the body. Shamanism healing helps cleanse the cells of toxins and rebuild again healthy cells. This shamanism healing is good for: Leukemia, cervical cancer.


  • Detoxification: cleansing your body from any kind of toxins.


  • Lowering fever and inflammation


  • Removing extra fluid from the body


  • Healing any kind of uterus disease such as: polyps, myoma (uterine fibroid), and endometriosis.


  • Healing viruses


  • Arthritis Pain Therapy


  • Defragmentation of broken bones


  • Parkinson Therapy