Healing Sessions & Light Language Grids


Private Healing Sessions:

personal treatments online, via Zoom. Each healing session lasting one hour. In these shamanic sessions Naama is leading great changes in your consciousness, transforming blockages and stagnation into flow, health and prosperity.

Light Language Grids:

A personal Light Language grid adequate to your needs. Naama creates your personal grid that generates the appropriate changes in your reality, and takes you to the next level. The grids are activated in your aura and working with you 24/7 until completion.

Take your choice of Healing:

  • One Shamanic Healing Session

  • Diamond Series: 4-Shamanic Healing Sessions

  • Platinum Series: 7-Shamanic Healing Sessions

  • Couple’s Relationship Healing

  • DNA Shamanic Session

  • A personal Light Language Grid: 7-grid / 12-grid / 49-grid / 144-grid / Mobius grid

  • A Royal Gems Pyramid Grid

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About Shamanic Healing Sessions :

Choose the depth of your Healing:

1 single healing session, 4 healing sessions, or 7 healing sessions.  

  • One single Healing session: for a primary experience, for discovering the benefits of Shamanic Healing, and for a quick first-Aid.

  • The ‘Diamond Serie’ of 4 sessions is the most popular package chosen by clients. In 4 sessions we create a healing wave that changes the setting of your current situation. This 4-meetings series gives you the opportunity to release blockages and barriers, and move into a prosper state of health in all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. This is a step forward in your life; new possibilities are opening in your path.

  • The ‘Platinum Serie’ of 7 sessions allows you to reach deeper into the roots of the matter. With the Platinum series you can bring-to-light more aspects of the subject in question, resolving it through multiple channels of light, and bringing a new ground to your feet. This series is shifting many aspects in your life, convert difficulties to opportunities, and aligning you with your true Self. It opens a rainbow of choices, joy and bliss!  

  • Couple’s Relationship Healing: these sessions clarify the chaos and reveal the true source of poor communication between the couple. After opening the barriers and clearing toxins, we bring a new flow of energy to the relationship and create a new bond. The set of sessions is divided as follows: the first session is shared with both partners, followed by a series of 4 personal treatments with each of the couple, and a joint session at the end.

  • DNA Shamanic Session: We work directly with your DNA strands. In this treatment we are able to change behaviors / beliefs / thought forms / patterns / addictions / habits / perceptions through DNA encoding: changing ‘old codes’ and applying new information into the DNA helix. It is possible to heal diseases, family patterns, and environmental behaviors through DNA therapy. Please note: This therapy is not aimed to change body features or beauty like eye color and type of hair... This is an empowering therapy that works with the core of your abilities, and stimulates new potential through your DNA. In each session, Naama is working on 4 new encoding in your DNA.

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A personal Light Language grid :

There are 6 types of grids; each one is supporting you in a different way:

  • 7-shapes grid: Relating to your 7 main chakras. Brings the frequency that you need in each of the 7 chakras, aligning with your highest good. This grid develops the vortex of each chakra, empowering your abilities and creates new awareness. It is working in your energetic field approximately 17 months. You can carry one 7-shapes grid at a time.

  • 12-shapes grid: Relating to your 12-chakra system. This grid expands your relations with your higher-self, your soul, your consciousness, and the higher dimensions. It enhances the flow of energy to the additional chakras, and stimulates your potential. The 12-shapes grid awakens new energetical centers within you, and extends your relations to higher realms. It is working in your energetic field approximately 17 months. You can carry one 12-shapes grid at a time.

  • 49-shapes grid: This grid is treating and centering on a specific topic in your life, in the purpose of altering it for your highest good. The 49-grid can clean / release / liberate unsupportive energies from your life, and bring-in the necessary frequencies, that encourage your evolution. Each grid is dedicated to one topic, and operates during a specific frame time. Changes are presented in your reality, according to the intention placed. You can carry several 49-shapes grids in your energetic field at the same time.

  • 144-shapes grid: This grid has no time limit. It is reaching the source of the subject, and transform it in all levels. It is a ‘super-transformer’, that operates as long as needed in order to accomplish the beneficial outcome. With 144-grid you achieve profound tremendous changes in your reality, perceptions, beliefs, thought-form, patterns, feelings and emotions. You can have a few 144-grids running in your energetic field at the same time.

  • The Mobius grid: The grid of infinity; this grid multiples, replicates and perpetuates the intended outcome; strengthening the potential and keeps it flowing continuously in your life. Thanks to its infinite circulation, it brings new insights to your consciousness until the result is preserved eternally in your life. You can carry a few Mobius-grids running in your energetic field at the same time.

  • A Royal Gems Pyramid Grid: This grid carries the magic and wonders of the pyramid. The benefits of the pyramid are activated within your consciousness, and integrate its sacred properties to support the evolution of one topic in your life. This is a powerful, one-of-a-kind grid that works with you for a lifetime. Each pyramid grid focuses on one theme, and cultivates / enhances / nurtures / raises your vibrations in relations to that theme. The pyramid grid is embedded with Crystal frequencies from the fifth-dimension, which called “The Royal Gems”. The pyramid-grid sharpens your insights, raises your vibrations and shifts your consciousness to the next level. It creates a metamorphic change within you. A few Royal-Gems-Pyramid-Grids can run in your aura at the same time.

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In what way Shamanic Healing is helping you?

Any issue you seek to heal and to transform in your reality, Shamanism is providing an answer for you.

It can be: a problem, a conflict, a disease / illness, a pain, a trauma, a suffering, a crisis, any imbalance, a blockage / barrier, a limitation, a difficult matter, unbearable situation, a secret that you carry, a confusion, feeling lost, not knowing your way or who you are... Any situation you experience now, can be solved in the sessions, and with the support of Light Language grids. Naama is giving you the precise support you need to make changes, and bring you to a new state of consciousness.


The private sessions and the Light Language grids are touching a variety of topics, for example:

Relationships, intimacy, communication, courage, commitment, openness, social connections, social interactions, career, money, abundance, prosperity, fertility, family, couple-relations, children, parent-child relations, self-confidence, self-love, trust, faith, purpose and meaning of life, phobias, stagnation, self-reduction, self-sabotage, shame, depression, separation, betrayal, fear of abandonment, loneliness, and more… (see more examples at the bottom of this page).


In the Shamanic Healing Sessions and the Light Language grids, Naama is working with all levels of your consciousness: physical body, feelings & emotions, thoughts and beliefs, subtle bodies, your soul & soul’s contract, all of your life’s experiences (including past lives), memories, abilities and talents, your knowledge, your DNA, and all your relations… As well as your fears, your barriers, blockages, weaknesses, limitations, objections, resistance, energy-leaking, etc.

Everything can be transformed and healed in those shamanic sessions and with the Light Language grids. Naama has the ability, skills and talent to change any state or condition, and lead you to a new direction.


Whatever is your current situation, there is a solution.

You are not alone; you have the support you need.

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What happens in the shamanic healing sessions?

  • Clearing away barriers

  • Removing blockages

  • Untangle the knots

  • Transforming weakness into strength

  • Breaking through your limitations

  • Dissolving the pain

  • Healing the disease/ illness

  • Allowing ancient knowledge to rise from your consciousness

  • Recalling your abilities and talents

  • Strengthening your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Bringing-in new light frequencies

  • Discovering new paths

  • Unveil divine opportunities

  • Feeling at ease with your SELF

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Why receiving Healing from Naama Gabbay?

  • Because Naama has the ability, skills and the talent to give you what you need in order to change your inner conditions.

  • Because Naama knows how to work with your special energetic signature.

  • Because the healing is channeled from high frequencies of light and superior dimensions.

  • Because the healing consists Naama’s vast experience, profound insights and sensitivity to every detail.

  • Because you deserve an excellent care of high-level expertise.

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Examples to imbalances and diseases that Shamanic Healing
and Light Language Grids can resolve:

Depression, broken heart, problems in relationships, intimacy, couple-relations, fertility, removing limiting thought forms and beliefs, increasing self-confidence, increasing self-love, increasing resilience, cutting toxic cords from relationships, healing childhood traumas (even if memories are repressed), healing relationships with parents / family / spouses / children / or any significant other, cleansing low-energy entities and energy ‘vampires’, sealing energy leaks and holes in the aura, Detoxification, Soul Pulling, Communication with your soul, Self-leadership ability, Opening channels to fertility and abundance, having healthy attitude towards money, Renewing your energies, Increasing passion and joy in life, making a change in your career, expanding your potential, spiritual evolution… and also physical diseases, like: Headache, migraines, dizziness, stress, heart palpitations, heartache, thyroid problems, sore throat, asthma, high blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, edema, stress, depression, anxiety, frustration, digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, ulcers, Crohn's disease, infections, inflammation, kidney stones, gallbladder disease, autoimmune diseases, allergies, rashes, back pain, scoliosis, various spinal problems, inflammation and infections, arthritis, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, heel spurs, muscle spasms, limited movement, hormone imbalance, menstrual problems, menstrual cramps, infertility, myomas and fibroids, polyps, candida, insomnia, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease, all types of cancers, and much more…



  • One Shamanic Healing Session: 110 €

  • Diamond Series: 4-Shamanic Healing Sessions: 368 € (in a 4-series it’s 92€ per session)

  • Platinum Series: 7-Shamanic Healing Sessions: 616 € (in a 7-series it’s 88€ per session)

  • Couple’s Relationship Healing:

110 € for each couple session

368 € for a series of 4 personal sessions 

  • DNA Shamanic Session: 144 €

  • 7-shapes grid: 65 €

  • 12-shapes grid: 74 €

  • 49-shapes grid: 92 €

  • 144-shapes grid: 220 €

  • Mobius grid: 144 €

  • Royal Gems Pyramid Grid: 180 €

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