"Self-Authority" Class

The crown has only one place!

"self-authority" is the recognition of my own power; the divine ability within me, who I am.

Self-authority is the knowledge that I am the king / queen in my kingdom, and the crown is on my head.

When I regain my power of authority in every aspect of my life: Relationships, workplace, interactions, institutions, structures, money, property, my physical body... there is No dispute about my choices, my decisions, and the boundaries I set.

My authority is understandable and clear to everyone, because it is clear to me.

When my authority is not clear, and it is scattered, weak, swaying, relying on others ... It is easy to be shaken in the stream of life.

When I’m confused by various authorities in my life, and I do not really understand what "pure authority" is, I tend to give my power to others, to institutions, to laws, to beliefs, to anything that seems stronger than me.

To restore my power of authority is to recognize my golden crown and to know that it has only one place! On my head!

To restore the power of authority inward is to work with a clear consciousness, to awaken the divine qualities that exist within the layers of my DNA, and to recognize their existence.

Internal authority is expressed in various areas of our lives;

there are areas in which our authority is clearer, and there are areas that are more ambiguous.


In this class of inner authority, you will find what needs to be reassembled, strengthened, lighted, and you will gain back what you lost / scattered / gave away.

You will learn a shamanic healing technique to bring back your self-authority, and practice it together in class, putting the golden crown back to it place: on your head!


Who can attend this class? Everyone!

Anyone who wants to delve deeper and discover more about “power” and “authority”, is invited to join this class!

  • For parents that have authority difficulties with their children

  • For people who experience power struggles and control issues at work, in intimacy, in relationships, with family, friends, and any aspect in their life

  • For people who have weak control on their reality, and let be carried by the streams of life

  • For those who wish to awaken the divine layers within and reach a clearer level of consciousness


The class of self-authority; "The crown has one place", is a class created by my beloved teacher, Homaya Amar, and passed to me in a personal initiation.


I am happy to share with you the pearls and treasures that this theme brings, and to make this royal journey back home with you.


Join us in this sacred space of self-authority:

I put the crown back on my head!