Royal Gems Pyramid

This light instrument offers healing and change in your life through high frequencies of crystals (Royal Gems) embedded in the sacred geometric shape: the pyramid. 


A pyramid, by its very nature, is a form that nurtures and enhances all the objects that lays within it; it raises the vibration to a higher frequency.


Anything put into a pyramid preserves its purity and increases its vitality and energy. The healing potential inherent in the combination of the Royal Gems and a Pyramid is enormous.

A personal pyramid can be created for a person for any theme. Each pyramid is focused on one theme only. After creating your personal pyramid, you receive it in your aura. The integration and elevation of frequencies has started its process.


The frequencies of the Royal Gems combined with the Pyramid are one powerful light instrument of our time, and the light they draw into your energetic field is from the fifth dimension. It is a high vibration that tunes your light bodies with the vibrations of the Royal Gems.

What is the benefit of Royal Gems Pyramid?

These frequencies increases the focus of the rays of light on the subject that seeks a change in your life. The frequencies embedded in the pyramid create a clearer and lucid space in your conciousness and bring healing from 4 different directions / 4 different faces of the pyramid.


Healing through the Royal Gems comes to us from the glorious Curanderos lineage in Mexico, a powerful instrument of divine light that serves us lovingly.


How does it work?

• Via Skype or What's-Up we talk and clarify the issue that seeks healing / change in your life.
• Payment transfer via bank account or PayPal ( for PayPal payment add 5.6% of tax).
• Over the next few days I will create the pyramid for you and activated it in your aura.
• You will receive it as well via e-mail, so you can print it out in the physical dimension, and place it in a sacred place in your home for a reminder.