Releasing Vows


Clear your unconscious vows, agreements, promises.

The first step in purifying your karma (in this life and in your previous incarnations) is to free yourself from unconscious vows, wishes agreements and promises.

When you feel stuck, blocked or limited, when you feel an invisible force holds you back, it's time to review your vows, promises and agreements, and release what prevents you to move on.

When you feel you give your life force to something or someone, when you feel blocked or limited in your path, it is time to erase your vows.

Purifying your karma is freeing vows that no longer echo with who you are, and cleansing your system from knots, ties and tangles that prevents you to move forward...

Releasing vows can open new opportunities in relationships, work, home, family, pregnancy, personal development, connection with your inner light, connection with spiritual guides and more...

In this healing class, you will learn:

  • What are vows

  • What is the difference between a vow, an oath and a contract

  • Become aware of the energy charge of a vow

  • Learn the process required

  • Learn to remove vows in order to avoid taking unconscious vows in the future.

  • Learn one of the powerful tools to clean your karma

  • Lighten your life

  • Open yourself to new opportunities