7 chakra grid

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A Personal 7 grid that works together with your 7 main chakra system:

1. The root chakra: the connection to earth, to the power of life, survival. Colors: red, brown

2. The spleen chakra: creation, creativity, intimate relationship, parents, children, family. Color: orange

3. The solar plexus (sun) chakra: clarity, intuition, knowledge, social connections, and contracts. Color: yellow

4. The heart chakra: love, giving and receiving, bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Colors: green and pink

5. The throat chakra: communication, expression of feelings and ideas. Color: blue

6. The third eye chakra: wisdom, knowing, inner sight, psychic vision. Color: purple

7. The crown chakra: the connection to the pure divine light, to the universe, and to the higher self. Color: white

In some cases it's possible to use other colors in the grid in order to create the precise healing frequency.

Working with a 7 Chakra allows you to explore yourself in different kinds of light, to learn your abilities, your strengths, your patterns, your forms. It can assist you to break out of your box and find a new way to live life.