12 chakra grid

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A Personal 12 grid that works together with your 12 chakra system; 

Along with the 7 main chakras, we have an additional 5 chakras that together create a 12 chakra system.

The additional 5 chakras are:
1. High heart chakra, expressed through the thymus gland and from the back between C5 & C6, color turquoise

2. Well of dreams chakra, connected to the brainstem and goes out through the back of the body, color Pink Tourmaline

3. Higher self chakra, above the Crown chakra, color pearlescent

4. Divine Feminine chakra, above the Higher Self chakra, color pearlescent gold

5. Divine Masculine chakra, above the Divine Feminine chakra, color gold

Working with a 12 chakra system allows you to expand your energy field and the light you shine. It's deepens your connection with forces of creation and your higher self, and assists you to play life at a higher level.