Price List

Healing Sessions

A series of 4 Shamanic Sessions 

Price: 440€ 


A series of 7 Shamanic Sessions

Price: 640€ 


DNA Healing


Price: 144€

“Soul Pulling”, “Cutting Cords”, “Breath of God”


Unique Session, Price: 129€

Light Language Grids


7-shape Grid: price 65€

12-shape Grid: price 74€

49-shape Grid: price 92€

144-shape Grid: price 220€

Royal Gems: Crystal Pyramid


Light Crystal Pyramid, price: 165€

Light Language Courses


The prices of the Light Language courses vary due to the level of the initiation and the number of participants, whether it's a group or individual course.
Contact Naama to receive more information about Light Language courses. ​

Payment information:

  • Two options of payment of your choice:

  1. PayPal – a payment request will be sent to your mail (please note there is an additional charge of 6% commission by PayPal)

  2. Bank transfer –the RIB with the account details will be sent to you via mail to proceed the payment.

  • All prices include taxes

  • An invoice will be sent to you via email

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