"Perfect Value" Class

How do you walk in this world?

Do you feel self-worthy?

Are you aware of your value?


Each person has a shining diamond, his special value.


When your diamond is sparkling, you are bringing your authenticity and your light to everything that you do.


Does your diamond sparkle?


This class of Perfect-Value is an opportunity to learn how to polish your diamond and how to increase your light and your presence!

In this Shamanic class, you will learn how to nourish your diamond, and how to illuminate your "self-value".


You will learn a Shamanic healing technique for "perfect-Value" that you can use with your family, your friends, your partner, your colleagues, and your clients.


This class is good for everyone!

For people who need to express themselves, for people looking for their path, for people that don't feel worthy, for people who don’t see their beauty and light!

For any kind of therapists and for anyone who wants to expand his consciousness and touch the deeper layers of his being.

What does this class gives you?

  • Recognition of your value

  • Increasing your presence in the daily life.

  • A precious Shamanic healing therapy: "perfect-Value", which you can use everywhere and anytime.

  • Expanding your consciousness and spirit.