What is your reality now?

What changes would you like to make in your life?


Our lives are composed from varies realities.

Every situation/event/place/interaction can open a door to a new path/reality.

We can move from one reality to another unconsciously, feeling we have no control and no order…

or we can create a new reality/path consciously.


What are the new experiences you wish to receive in your life?


You can create a new reality based on intention, vision, and conscious.

The grids of light language are assisting you to make those new changes in life.


What do you need in your life now?


When a personal grid is created for you, you experience changes and movements in your life, and receive exactly what you need for the new reality/path.

The grid brings you the turning points that you need for holding the requested reality

(with connections, contacts, experiences, adventures…).


What is do you need?


  •         Creating a new romantic relationship?

  •         Working on a new project?

  •         Opening new opportunities in your career?

  •         Healing a relationship with a close friend or family member?

  •         Moving to a new place?

  •         Conceiving a baby?

  •         Learning a new profession?

  •         Learning a new language?

  •         Raising your self-esteem?

  •         Clean up your life from old patterns?

  •         Being more grounded?

  •         Having self-discipline?

  •         Etc…


Do you feel you are "stuck" in your comfort zone?


Create your new reality with your own personal grid,

Invite new changes and experiences into your life!


Types of Grids

Contact me for your grid

Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light

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