What is the secret of our living?

What is the source of our strength?

What is nourishing our health, our body, our soul?

What is the most basic energy that we consume?


It is the LIGHT.


The Light is essential energy that is giving to us by the Source, the creation of life.


It is giving to us in different ways, like the Sun, the moon, the stars. It is coming also from different dimensions in space and we can connect with those "lines of Light".


Why is the Light necessary for us, for this planet?

The Light is our "basic food", it's the energy we need to nourish our bodies and soul to keep our force of life. Every cell in our bodies, every bone, every muscle and every organ is a big container of Light. The Light keeps their healthy rhythm and beating, keeps the core of existence. More we nourish ourselves with Light, more we keep healthy, shiny and powerful.  


How to nourish ourselves with Light?

This is very simple. We can fill our bodies with Light by Breathing. Breathing is the easiest way to do that. Sit everyday for a few moments of quietness and breath in the light to every cell of your body. It is possible to breathe the Light of the sun, the Light of the moon or the stars, or Light from other dimension. If you can't imagine it, have the intention in your Heart and it is happening.


This is "Eating Light". Your body and soul ask for this energy. The Light keeps us connected with our primary creation, the source of all. It gives us bliss, peaceful mind, and knowing who we are.


Other ways to be nourished by Light

  • being in Nature, surrounded by green: trees, flowers, fields, rivers, sea, mountains… Whatever you choose and make your Heart expand with joy! Go in nature; receive the pure vibrations of Light. Let it get through your skin, your hair, your eyes, your hands and your feet. Breathe it in.


  • Hugs! This is an additional fun way to receive Light from one to another. Receiving a hug Heart to Heart, with love and joy, transfers the light between the huggers. A few hugs per day can charge you with good energy of Light!


  • Good treatments! Any kind of Healing technique is good to create Light transmission lines. The therapist serves as a conduit to transfer Light to the person. The amount of Light we can receive in a therapy is multiplied and concentrated.


"Eating Light" is the basic nourishment to our body and soul.

Give yourself Light and see how much you grow…

Nourished by LIGHT

By Naama Gabbay