Light Language Initiation

I invite you for Light Language Initiation course:

A multidimensional learning of vibrations and frequencies consisting of shapes and colors - sacred geometry.


Initiation to Light Language is a deep journey into your consciousness, understanding how we create different situations in our lives, and how we attract or block opportunities and possibilities.


Light Language is an art of creation and creativity

All creation consists of sacred geometry

and when learning to use these frequencies consciously

we become creators in our kingdom of life.


Light Language is an ancient and sacred knowledge that has existed for many centuries among the healer dynasty called the "Curanderos" derived from the Mayan people in Mexico.

This knowledge was passed from teacher to student through the lineage by "perceived learning" and energetic initiation into the aura.


Come and create new opportunities in your life

Open new possibilities and roads

Change limiting beliefs and patterns

Release old relationships

Invite new relationships

Create options that match your potential

And receive what you need to live happily, peacefully and lovingly.


Light Language is The language of consciousness,

it is considered the 'Golden' of the Curanderos dynasty ...

Light Language is beyond limitations and words ...

By creating with Light Language, you can open so many possibilities in your life!

As your skills grow in playing with the frequencies, you become the teacher, the leader, and the healer in your life.

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


Light Language is a 3-level initiation.


Light Language Level 1:

You will be introduced to 7 geometric shapes and 9 basic colors, and learn how to make a personal grid for yourself and others.

The grid is an energetic structure embedded in your aura field, and works with your 7 chakras system. Grid 7 creates profound changes in each of your seven chakras, and accordingly effects your consciousness and the reality around you.

Learning Light Language 1 optimizes your energetic structure for your highest good !


Light language Level 2:

You learn more frequencies, and you have vast possibilities to play!

You will receive initiation to 14 sacred geometric shapes and 18 colors, as well as 11 sets and 11 stages, which are the energetic channels within you, and your life.

In Light Language level 2, you will learn to create a grid of 49 shapes and colors, for any subject that requires healing and transformation in your life, and bring it to fruition within matter within a specified time.

Light Language 2 is a progressive level in creating your reality. It opens your consciousness to the spectrum of potential possibilities that exist within you, and manifesting it within your realities.

Light Language 2 is an advanced level of magicians and creators within reality!


Light language Level 3:

It's a level of mastery, of expertise. Anyone who comes to learn Light Language 3 wants to get the master's keys.

Level 3 teaches you advanced skills to realize your highest potential at the level of the soul contract. In Light Language 3, you will be initiated to more than 80 sacred geometric shapes, and more than 144 colors. You will learn how to use these frequencies to create a grid of 144 frequencies, which works with your DNA strands at the deepest level. Light Language 3 changes lives, it is a transformation in the soul level. The amount of light that you receive with Light Language 3 is enormous and beyond what we know on this planet.

Learning Light Language 3 is to understand the God that exists within you.


This is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. It's pure gold.

These are the keys to the programming operator...


And this opportunity comes to you NOW

Take her with both hands

There are treasures that come with a certain Timing

and give you an irreversible opportunity ...

Join us for Light Language!


Light Language level 1 Course:

February 22-23, 2020

Keep the dates in your calendar!

You can register for the course until the 14.02 !!

The course is complet, Registration is closed !


March 14-15, 2020

Keep the dates in your calendar!

You can register for the course until the 11.03 !!

There are only 8 places!

Light Language level 2 Course:

March 27-28-29, 2020

Keep the dates in your calendar!

You can register for the course until the 21.03 !!

 There are 3 places left !


Light Language level 1:

€ 181 by registration until 07.03

€ 199 by registration until 11.03


Light language level 2:

€ 380 by registration until 29.02

€ 399 by registration until 13.03

€ 420 by registration until 21.03


The price includes taxes and all the necessary materials (books and exercise paper).

*** The prices does not include costs of accommodation and food !


Information about accommodation and food:

  1. The course will take place in a beautiful place in the campaign:

      "Le Gîte du Soi" à Falgueyrat, 24480 Le Buisson de Cadouin

  1. Accommodation in shared rooms

  2. The meals supplied are vegetarian, bio, local, delicious food !

  3. The package includes “full board”                                                                  

The tarif for "full board":

For Light Language level 1: 90 €

***This price is for a minimum of 8 people

For Light Language level 2: 155 €

The payment for the lodging will be on arrival day, in cash.
(Please prepper the exact amount in an envelope, Thank you! )


1. The payment for the course "Light Language" is in advance, to     keep your place. 

2. Options for payment: cheque, bank transfer, via PayPal.
3. Payment by cheque: please send the cheque to the order of 

    Naama GABBAY, 7 rue Paul Bert, 24100 Bergerac.

4. Payment via bank transfer: ask for the RIB

5. Payment with PayPal: additional commision of 2,5%

6. There is no refund for any reason of your cancellation.