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  • How can Light Language serve you ?

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What is Light Language (LL)?

Light Language is the basis of everything that exists, whether it is visible or not. Everything consists of Light Language, geometric shapes: the human body, thoughts, emotions, feelings, words, dreams, visions, objects, houses, cars, clothing, money, credit cards, nature, water, rivers and sea, wind, air, rain, sun rays, the atmosphere, space, black holes, the stars, galaxies... Anything you think of gets its "shape" and character from a composition of geometric shapes.


Each geometric shape has its own unique properties which determines the type of frequency and how the energy flows.

Of course, there are endless possibilities to compose the geometric shapes and this is what creates a huge variety of people, animals, insects, objects, flowers, trees, buildings, thoughts, feelings, words, languages, cultures… and all the beauty of creation in the world.

Therefore, connecting several geometric shapes in different colors creates a type of a 'map' or a 'recipe' which directs the energy to act in a certain way. In Light Language, such a combination of several geometric shapes is called a 'grid'. Each grid has infinite composition possibilities and these 'codes' creates different options for healing and transformation.

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Key Principles of Light Language


Using colored geometric shapes within a personal grid increases the amount of light frequencies in the energetic field and creates two key principles:

  1. Releasing the 'old' and what does not serve your highest good such as: toxins, junk, thought forms, patterns, beliefs, habits, addictions, attachments and so on… Anything that does not resonate with pure light frequencies is liberated from your body and your energetic field.

  2. Bringing in light frequencies that support a new consciousness, new perceptions and the immense potential that exists within you. The light frequencies increase your abilities and talents, strengthens your self-confidence and allows you to acknowledge your true essence more deeply.

Learn Light Language (Sacred Geometry) 

How can Light Language serve you ?


Light Language creates a personal recipe for the new flavors you are seeking to experience.

Light Language gives you the opportunity to fulfill and manifest your wishes and prayers into the Matrix. It weaves new experiences to support you in growing into a new consciousness and a different perception of reality. The geometric shapes activate new frequencies in your aura that attract new possibilities of healing in your life.

Light Language can serve you in any area, for example:


  • Health

  • Emotional balance

  • Self-confidence

  • Relationships

  • Intimacy

  • Job and career

  • Residence

  • Family

  • Pregnancy and Birth

  • Money & financial abundance

  • Fulfilling potential

  • New direction in life

  • And any subject that you wish to heal in your life...

 Learn Light Language (Sacred Geometry)

Light Language Grids

Light Language offers you healing through grids. Each type of grid has its own properties and it affects your energy field in a specific way. The difference between the grids is the number of frequencies and the energy flow. 


The grid is created for your highest good and designed to increase your potential. Each grid is unique and there are no repeating grids. The grid is created specifically for your healing and transformation and to raise your personal frequency.

It is recommended to start with grids that consist of 7 or 12 geometric shapes and are synchronized with the chakras system. These grids create a new energetic structure within you according to the direction you are asking to steer your life. Grids 7 and 12 are active in your energetic field for about a year and a half and only one grid is created at a time. 


The next level is a grid consisting of 49 geometric shapes and colors that concentrates the healing on a particular subject in your life. This grid operates for a specified period of time (indicated in the grid title) and creates shifts in your consciousness in the required subject. You can receive multiple 49 frequency grids for different topics.


The next level is a grid consisting of 144 geometric shapes and colors that has a very powerful impact. This grid works with the root of the matter until the issue is healed and arrives at a completion. Grid 144 is not limited to a certain period of time and it works with you as long as needed until you are aligned with the required frequency. You can receive multiple 144 frequency grids for different topics, but over a longer period of time to allow better integration of each grid within your energetic field.

Learn Light Language (Sacred Geometry)

What are the benefits of the Light Language healing? 


  1. A huge advantage of Light Language is that the grids are active in your aura until the desired frequency is adjusted.

  2. The grids are personal and in sync with your highest good.

  3. Light Language gives precise nourishment to your subtle bodies and soul.

  4. Light Language works in alignment with your soul path.

  5. Light Language works with your potential, with your virtues and talents, and uplifts you high!

  6. Light Language can serve as a complementary healing in conjunction with various other methods such as: Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Theta healing, Rebirthing, Reiki, Access Bares, Family Constellation, NLP and more... It gives you complete support for the healing process you are currently undergoing.

  7. Light Language is a powerful healing serving you at any stage of your life.

 Learn Light Language (Sacred Geometry)

How does this service work ? 


  1. Write in your message what topic (s) you want to heal and change in your life, with the relevant details, and I will get back to you with an answer.

  2. Payment for the grid is made via PayPal or a bank wire.

  3. You will receive a questionnaire by mail to fill up for the creation of your grid. 

  4. The process of creating and activating the grid takes several days to a week.

  5. At the end of the process, I will send you a graphic version of your grid for printing. Please place the grid in a visible place in your home or office. The printed grid is a daily reminder of the healing work. From time to time, you can look at the grid and take a few moments to quietly contemplate and breathe it in. 

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