Light Language (LL)

Light Language is a language of sacred geometric shapes and colors
Light Language is a language of pure divine frequency
Light Language is a language of healing
Light Language is a language of divine love.


Light Language assist us in alternating and transforming, cleaning and releasing, recharging and rejuvenating, tuning and aligning, expanding and accepting.

Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light

How does a Light Language work?
The language of light is transmitted into your aura through a grid.
The grid is like an outfit of shapes and colors that are fitted on your aura, for tuning and elevating your frequencies.


Each frequency is a ray of healing vibrating at a certain level of energy. Combining multiple frequencies in the grid creates movement and motion in your halo: cleaning and releasing what needs to go out, and recharging new light frequencies.


These healing frequencies work with your consciousness, which connected to every cell in your body. As the awareness increases, light in cells increases. As the light in the cells increases, the frequency of the bodies rises (physical body and the energetic bodies) and the density in the energy field decreases. Your field gets lighter: a space that can hold more light frequencies.

Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light

There are types of grids in Light Language:
Grid 7, Grid 12, Grid 49, Grid 144.
The grinds are named according to the
number of geometric shapes and colors that compose them.


Grid 7 and Grid 12 are grids that are suited to your chakras system. A grid can be created to the 7 chakras system or to the 12 chakras system. These grids activated in your halo for one year and seven months.


Grid 49 is a grid defined for a specific period of time (for example; 4 months) during which the healing process takes place. The Grid 49 is written for one topic only, helps you gain insights on the specific subject and create the necessary change in your life.


Grid 144 is an infinite grid ... this grid works with you throughout your life. Grid 144 is also written for one subject only, and since it contains a high number of healing frequencies, the process that grid offers is wider and deeper.


Grid 144 works like a wave of frequencies, repeated over and over again, each time bringing more light and healing into the field, so that the consciousness expands and becomes clearer until the wave becomes a part of you.


Grid 144 brings you to the heart of the matter and helps you see the different layers of the same elements. This is a multi-dimensional healing.


Grid 49 and Grid 144 can be written for any subject, for example:

Diseases and pains in the physical body, emotional barriers, relationships, family, workplace, transitions, depression, separation, broken heart, boundaries, self-confidence, self-belief, joy of life, inner child healing, intimacy, abundance, connection to supreme guidance, clarity, communication, openness, tuning with your "soul contract" and more ...


Light Language grids can create endless possibilities and opportunities for healing and growth ...

Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light
Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light

How does it go?

  • We talk on the phone to clarify what you need. 

  • Transfer the payment via bank account or Paypal (additional tax transiction for Paypal; 5.6%).

  • I create the grid for you and activated it in your aura.

  • You will receive the grid via mail so you can print it and see its colors and forms.

  • Enjoy the Healing!



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