Inner Guidance

We are all connected with the light of source.

Every cell of our body is made to be nourished with light.

The light is our "first food", the source of energy, the power of life on earth.

Without light we cannot survive. Without light we cannot be conscious about life.


Light can guide us in our spiritual path, supporting our growing consciousness.

As we bring more light in, we enlarge the possibilities we have in life.

We become clearer with ourselves, we see the way, and we receive illuminated knowledge, that the mind cannot perceive…

Our whole being becomes brighter and illuminated.


This Light is giving us guidance in every layer of our being:

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually.

Every issue we have in life can be transformed and changed by the light.

We can expand our box, release old thought forms, we can see patterns that are blocking us in our path, we can use the power of the feelings and express them honestly.


Connected with the divine light inside, new portals are openning for us, we get access to new stages of reality and receive new possibilities.


The grids of light language are pure divine light energy.

They bring new frequencies of light to our consciousness, and support us in growing and expanding our Aura (energy field).


You can bring more light to your life now by working with the wonderful frequencies of Light Language Grids.

Contact Naama for your personal grid