What is happening in a healing session?

What is the role of the therapist? What is your role?

Did you go to an alternative therapy and the healing didn't work?

Were you disappointed with the results?


Healing session is a space of interaction between the client and the therapist. The therapist works with his tools, knowledge, consciousness, intuition and experience. The client is receiving the new vibrations of Energy, processing the new information and integrating it.


In the session, the therapist receives constantly information from the client by: words, body posture, body language, the reflection of the eyes, colors of the clothes, vitality of the skin, the breathing and so on… all this information is interpreted in one diagnose, making the "picture" clear of what the client needs


For the client, the session is an opportunity for a change. It can be a big turning point or a stage on the way. It is depended on the client how much he is open to receive new things to come, and how much he is capable to let go. According to this, one can understand the effects of the session.


There are some people that reacting immediately after one session, and some that needs more time. It is important to respect your ability to consists the new information and Healing vibrations. Also accept your state at this moment and your readiness to make the changes in life. It is not obvious that everyone who goes to a therapy is ready for a change.


Some questions to think about:

  • Are you ready to release your illness?

  • Are you ready to let go of all the "benefits" the illness gave to you? 

  • Are you ready to step forward to a new state of health?

  • Are you ready to expand your consciousness?

  • Are you ready to look inside in the dark/hidden points?

  • Are you ready to bring to light your fears and demons?

  • Are you ready for a transformation?


The results of the session are aligned also with these questions. The therapist gives, and You decide what and how much to take from the session.


It's a dancing of two; The therapist is giving you the service with pure intention of healing for your highest good. You bring yourself to a receiving state and allow yourself be healed. The results of the healing are your choice and your responsibility. You let it be, you let it happen.

I Treat You Heal

By Naama Gabbay