How does a grid work?

Grid is like an invisible outfit on your bodies (the 7 bodies).

Imagine you wear those forms and colors on you.

This "new outfit" is pure vibrations of light, that attracts to your life what you need at this moment.


Like the old say: "The clothing that you wear is what you are"...

By wearing those vibrations, they become part of you and part of your life.

The change is already within you.


Another way to see it:

Grid is like a new download of information to your system.

This new information adds new possibilities and opportunities to your life, and assists you to attract what you need in your life at this moment.

Grid 12

Grid 49

Grid 7

Having a Light Language Grid can bring some changes in the form of:

  • Releasing old thought forms

  • Getting new insights

  • Having a new understanding about situations in life

  • Reacting consciously with people around you

  • Feeling the connection with your inner self

  • Being in your center  

  • Etc...


The new vibrattions of the Grid are integrating in you and bringing you to a new state of consciousness and formation.


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