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Naama Gabbay
144 Grid of Light Language:
Self-Potential fulfillment
Self-Potential Fulfilment

This grid is written as a service to the community, and can serve everyone. You are invited to download the grid, print it and hang it at your home or office.

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Shamanic Healing:

You are invited to receive shamanic healing to transform and align with your soul.

Do you feel a call for clarity and new insight? Does your soul ask to clear fears and beliefs that make it difficult for you to move on? Are your wings eager to be opened fully and take you to new places? Do you wish to discover your power and ability to fly high and far? Everything you have done so far has led you here where you have the opportunity to create a difference and gain new perspective on life. 

Life is a series of changes and a new wind is asking to blow and arise within you.

Do you still cling to what is known and familiar? Are you afraid to step into the unknown? Any issues that you are dealing with are bringing new movement to your life and seek to awaken you into new consciousness. For example, you may be focusing on: relationships, intimacy, partnering, creating a family, occupation, money, environment or soul path. During the sessions you have the opportunity for deep healing and change.

In this healing space, you can connect with the new layers that seek to emerge in your life, to clear out what is no longer needed, and to make room for new creation and fulfillment with self-confidence, inner peace and a knowing of what is right for you along the way. This is a process that brings healing to all parts of your being, and connects all channels together to create a holistic and clear picture.

What are you asking to heal in your life right now?

Anything that needs your attention now such as: a physical illness; a physical or emotional pain; a trauma or a crisis; an obstacle in your path; abundance and scarcity; harmonizing your heart; finding a suitable partner; strengthening your emotional independence; illuminating your soul's path or having a profound recognition of your abilities.

Any subject that seeks your attention now will receive the proper elements to create the required transformation and healing. In this series of shamanic sessions, you are receiving a response to your call.

You are invited to read more about the Shamanic Healing and the treatments offered in the Shamanic Healing section:

Shamanic Healing

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Light Language Course:

This course offers initiation into the ancient knowledge of sacred geometry and colors. This is a powerful initiation of the Curanderos dynasty of healers in Mexico. It brings healing, changes, alternations and new possibilities into your life, beyond imagining. Light Language is a powerful tool that works with your higher consciousness in sync with the universal spirit and your soul. Any healing and change you create with Light Language is for your highest good and for the highest good of all.

Light Language is the foundation of all that exists in the world. Sacred Geometry is the basis of every particle, from the level of soul and spirit through thoughts and feelings to material and physical objects. When you learn how to use Light Language you can bring healing to every aspect of your life and create the changes that support your growth. Light Language leads you to recognize your abilities and personal potential and to express them in the most appropriate way for you. Light Language is the art of healing, the art of consciousness and the art of transformation; it is beneficial to every person. You can use Light Language for your own personal development or for your professional skills and enrich the service you provide to your clients.

Light Language awakens and illuminates your true potential, and empowers you to become confident in your existence. With Light Language you can create infinite healing possibilities in your life. Your life can change from beginning to end, if you are open to it. Light Language gives you all the possibilities of creation and makes you the creator of your own reality.

Light Language is a call from the soul to learning and growth and it brings to your life valuable experiences and possibilities. This is your opportunity to receive a powerful initiation from the Curanderos healers and learn the art of healing yourself!


You receive initiation to sacred geometry and colors; you learn how to create grids and how to transmit frequencies and much more. There is also the option to receive the initiation in a group or individually.

Read more about Light Language initiation:

Light Language Course

Naama Gabbay

Naama Gabbay is a gifted teacher and healer in Shamanism. In her classes and sessions you gain clarity, wisdom and inspiration that awaken your true self and re-establish connections to your inner guidance and soul. Naama can see the inner being of a person and what it takes to walk the path of the soul. She offers the appropriate guidance and inspiration for growth. Naama teaches Light Language courses and Shamanic Healing that opens portals in the consciousness and channels to other dimensions.  

In the healing space she provides, new opportunities and possibilities unfold creating a firm foundation for change to occur in absolute harmony with the nature of the soul. It is a lucid healing space where issues can be resolved in the purity of light and you receive the means and resources that support your personal growth.

You are welcome to send a message to Naama for healing sessions or initiation to Light Language and she joyfully provide you with the appropriate service for your highest good.

144 Grid of Light Language:

This grid is written as a service to the community, and can serve everyone. You are invited to download the grid, print it and hang it at your home or office.

Healing the feminine & masculine

Healing the feminine & masculine:

Healing the feminine and masculine parts within you brings them into unity and harmonious flow.

These sessions heal wounds and traumas, clears out barriers and pain that have caused injuries and limited the feminine and masculine energies within you. This shamanic healing: releases emotional charge; cleanses organs and cells from loaded memories; increases your life force; empowers your feminine & masculine potential and raises your confidence in the feminine and masculine aspects.

Healing the feminine and masculine brings you into harmony and peace with the female and male consciousnesses in understanding how these energies function and affect your life and how to create a union of love.


Read more about Healing the feminine & masculine:

Healing the feminine & masculine

144 Grid of Light Language:
We are unity of love
We are unity of love

This grid is written as a service to the community, and can serve everyone. You are invited to download the grid, print it and hang it at your home or office.

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