Naama provides you two wonderful options for your well-being and soul path:

Get what you need to overcome the imbalances and difficulties in your life.

Open your path for thriving opportunities.

All the golden keys that you need for your health and success.


Knowing the Language of the universe, gives you access to all possibilities, beyond all imagination.

Learn Light Language: 

knowing the universal language of all that exists, gives you a huge advantage and facilitate your life in so many ways!

Next Course: Light Language Level 1

24-25/11, hours: 17:30GMT - 21:30GMT

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Your health is the key to a happy successful life.

Get your shamanic healing sessions, tailored to your needs, and transform your current situation to a vital force and thriving opportunities.

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During the year, we propose extraordinary shamanic events via zoom or Retreats in a particular place.

Each event has a central theme and takes you on an exceptional journey through the inspiring divine realms…

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What are your benefits?
Why requests my service?

  • Personal Service: I see YOU and what you need

  • Uniqueness: Each Session / Class is designed and adjusted to your energy level

  • Extra Inputs: I add my special Extra to all private sessions and Classes. my service is enriched with additional inputs and benefits.

  • Heart Connection: you deserve an excellent care, with all my heart, to receive the topmost service for your highest good. 

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“During a treatment or training with Naama you have the impression of being in the arms of Light, strong and gentle at the same time. Your heart is lightened and your fears go away. You’re fueling up with energy!"

Florence T.

“Naama knows how to offer a secure, precise setting to allow everyone to progress. she takes great care that everyone can integrate their light... She was holding time and space, all dimensions to make us touch the multi-dimensional being that we are …"

Marie A. R.

“...Thank you Naama for your guidance, allowing me to discover my soul and its contract. Thank you for giving me the gift of the full awareness, of forgiving myself, and carry the love I need for myself... allowing others to come near and be loved. "

Angelina R.

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