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Healing the Feminine Part

*These sessions are available also as a Remote Healing

Take a deep breath ...
This is a space of
Here you can let go and let be
Here is the place to be who you are in peace.

Healing the feminine part:

this treatment aligns you with the high feminine consciousness. It reconnects your roots to Earth, and expands your ability to be in peace and harmony with your female part.


Embracing your feminine essence you can enjoy creative, productive, fertile and abundant energy.


This treatment brings healing to all the female parts in you, and reverberates to all the women and girls around you and to the chain of generations of women in your family. This is a multidimensional healing that affects your female heritage.

It is a series of 4 sessions for the feminine essence that exists within you.

When is this treatment useful?

  • Healing the femininie essence

  • Healing the uterus and female reproductive organs

  • Cysts, polyps, myoma or fibroids in the uterus, ovaries or vagina

  • Cervical cancer, endometrial carcinoma and breast cancer (breast carcinoma).

  • Candida

  • Psoriasis

  • Sexual closings, lack of sexual desire, shame, avoiding intimacy

  • Sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual coercion, sexual harassment

  • Difficulties to get pregnant: Support for fertility

  • Difficulties to express your sensuality as a woman

  • Trauma that you experienced as a little and defenseless child

  • Physical or verbal violence by your partner, your father or your siblings

  • Difficulty creating intimacy, difficulty creating a couple relationship

  • Difficulty in childbirth, pain at birth, trauma at birth

  • Difficulty after childbirth, difficulty adapting to your role as a mother

  • Removal of uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes

  • Anger or rage that has accumulated in you, and you do not always know why

  • Frustration, deep sadness, depression, and any other emotion that prevents you from being happy

  • Irregular menstrual cycle, menstrual pain, premenstrual symptoms, absence of menstrual bleeding

  • A tangled or unresolved relationship with Mother

  • A tangled or unresolved relationship with Father

  • Feeling of failure and dissatisfaction

  • Lack of meaning in life, lack of motivation to create

  • And more...

How does this series of treatments serve you?
These 4 treatments are one complete healing cycle, designed to take you one step forward and sometimes a few steps forward... One "healing cycle" can make a change and transformation. 


The healing circle consists of two waves:

The first wave combines two treatments that their essence is cleansing the feminine reproductive organs (even if removed from your physical body) from pain, wounds, traumas, memories, patterns, attachments... on the pysical and energetical level.


The second wave combines two treatments that their essence is to recharge your feminine organs with Healing frequencies.


The 4 treatments are given to you during a period of one month,

a full moon cycle.

This service is given lovingly to every person; women and men.


This healing is beneficial to any person who wishes to heal the feminine essence that exists within him, understanding that it is one part of the wholeness.


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Naama Gabbay is practicing healing since 2004, and has extensive experience in healing the bodies, understanding the essence-core of a person and what he needs.


Naama has a rich experience in treating women in the various aspects of life, and also in her work as a doula, accompanying pregnant women and childbirth; preparing women for birth, accompanying births in hospitals and supporting postnatal women.


Her expertise in the core of femininity (pregnancy and childbirth) led her to develop her knowledge and talent in healing the feminine essence.


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