Healing Sessions in Bergerac

The objective of this space is to assist you to illuminate topics that require attention and rejuvenation in your life, listen to your inner voice, and know your strength.


In this luminous space you can receive clarity for your difficulties, for your fears and worries. It is a space for a personal growth, where you receive the guidance and direction you have requested.


In this lucid space you can look inward with clarity and courage, and understand what is needed now in your life and how to continue your way.


The luminous space of "Joy of Light", guided by Naama Gabbay, combines variety of tools: Shamanic Healing, Reflexology, and Crystals Stones. Each of these methods serves you in a unique way, takes you to a journey in light and connects you to your spiritual guidance.


In the luminous space you can feel your true light, your essence, and your aims.


This sacred space offers you:

• Connection

• Clarity

• Regeneration

• Liberation

• Expansion

• Spiritual elevation

• Inner peace

• Strength


The Shamanic Healing is a unique powerful method that touches gently and deeply your presence and being. It brings you to be one with your soul, be connected to your light. The roots of this sacred method come from ancient Curanderos lineage.


The Reflexology treats your body through trigger points in the feet. Every organ in the body has a connection point in the feet, therefore the feet are a portal for a big transformation and change. Reflexology can quiet your mind and bring you in a serenity state, where all posibilities are open.


The Crystal Stones Therapy is a celebration of nature with your energy! Imagine all these joyful colors and forms placed on your body in a beautiful harmony, creating a connective flow of Energy in your Chakra system.


Naama is walking in the path of Self-Mastery, sharing with the world her gifts and knoweledge, and spreading the light around. 


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Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light

Healing the feminine part:

A series of 4 treatments for healing the femimine part.

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