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Healing Sessions

* Available in the studio in Bergerac or as Remote Healing

 This is a space of Healing

This is a space of clarity and lucidity

This is a place where you are welcome lovingly.


In this luminous space you receive what you need for your elevation.


whether you are searching for your purpose in life,

whether you have questions and searching for answers...

whether you feel sick, disoriented, disconnected, sad, confused, and so on...

here is your luminous space for growth and stepping forward.


This is a portal, waiting for you to open the door...


Nothing is by chance, All is part of the big plan.

Your soul is aiming for unity, to wake-up from the illusion,

to understand its path... will you step in?

The space "Joy of Light", guided by Naama Gabbay, combines variety of tools: Shamanic Healing, Light Language, Royal Gems Pyramid, Reflexology, and Crystals Stones. Each of these methods serves you in its unique way, takes you to a journey in light and reconnects you with your soul path.


You have the oppurtunity to receive the Healing everywhere you are in the world. In this space, healing is beyond the dimension of time and space as we experience on Earth. The healing is transmitted through your energy field and resonates into your consciousness.

The option of Remote Healing is given for the Shamanic Healing.

Light Language grids and Royal Gems pyramid. These are "transference healing" and there is no need for your phisycal presence.


For people who lives in the region of Bergerac (24) and want to attend my studio, you are welcome to contact me and book a session.


In the sessions I give, I choose the tools I feel will be to your benefit and for your highest good. You can read more information about;



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Naama is walking in the path of Self-Mastery, sharing with the world her gifts and knoweledge, with love.


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Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light

Healing the feminine part:

A series of 4 treatments for healing the femimine part.

In what cases this Healing serves you?