Private Sessions: Shamanic Healing

You are invited to take a sacred healing journey, composed of elevated frequencies that serves your bodies and soul.

These sessions supports you in any sort of imbalance, disharmony, disease, unclarity or barrier that you have in your body and life.

This inner journey reveals your deepest forces and awaken your maximum potential. 

This healing process supports you to heal wounds, pain, trauma, diseases, memories, and all sort of blockages and barriers that you carry and prevent you to live a blissful bounty life.

In the sessions we will treat any disharmony and imbalance at all levels of your being:

physical, emotional, etheric, mental and spiritual.
Naama establishes the connections and links between all your bodies and all your systems, for the highest good of your being.

The sessions leads you through high dimension portal, to take care of the illnesses, pain, traumas, blockages, limitations and memories that doesn't serve you any more.
It will bring new light to your consciousness and to all aspects of your life.

The objective of this healing sessions is to bring you to a new state of health, strength and clarity.
Each session connects you deeper with your higher self and your spiritual guidance.

In the sessions you experience:

Rejuvenation & Regeneration
Letting go
New connections
Clarity and understanding
New elevated healing frequencies
New consciousness

You have two options of formulas, in order to create a healing wave:

  1. a series of 4 sessions

  2. a series of 7 sessions

In this sacred space, you have the opportunity to change your inner state, free your system from what is not necessary, and establish new foundations for your new state of consciousness / health.

More Information:

  • Every session lasts one hour

  • The rhythm of the sessions is once a week to maintain the "wave" of healing

  • Each healing process has a beginning, a peak and a closure

  • The online sessions take place via Zoom, you will receive an appointment link by email.

  • Payment for online sessions is made in advance, by PayPal or by bank transfer.

You are invited to Contact Naama for a private session


"...Naama initiates an in-depth work which takes into account the whole person as well as his pace of evolution..."  



"...But it is clear that 5 months later I can say that I have a tremendous relief in the migraines ! During this time, I have only taken three anti-migraine pills, while I usually take twice a week !..."  



"... I feel like the benefits of the sessions are increasing day by day...."  



"...During the treatment, I felt the healing energy working on my sensitive areas of my body. I was going through a spiritual dimension, and I was in mindfulness, which contributed to my experience in the session..."  


What else?

Through these sessions you can also treat: 

Digestive problems, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, ulcers, Crohn's disease, infections, inflammation, kidney stones, cholecystectomy, autoimmune diseases, allergies, rashes, back pain, all spinal problems, pain due to arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, Heel spur syndrome, muscle spasms, limited movement, hormonal and menstrual imbalance, sterility, fibroma, polyps, Candida, insomnia, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease, heart pain, headache, migraines , dizziness, stress, angina, flu, sore throat, asthma, high / low blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, edema, tension, depression, anxiety, frustration, all types of cancer, and much more…