I am Grateful


In my path I'm being supported by the light and wisdom of my spiritual guides, my masters, my teachers, my lineages, my ancestors, my colleagues, my beautiful family and friends...


A SPECIAL gratitude to my parents who support my path with love.


A big THANK to my love, that gives his blessing to everything I do.


I'm grateful for each light being that is present in my life and opened new portals and dimensions to me.


I feel blessed and blissful to be part of this light net.


Here are the beautiful souls that are filling my life with light and love and gave me the hounor to learn from them:


Starr Fuentes

Homaya Amar

Yuval Rivlin

Joyce Stech

Gaya Dorot

Ornita Leibman

Maya Sara Meirav

Greg boudy

Noa Peled

Keren Amrani

Yifaat Tzadok