"Giving and Receiving" Class

In this class you will learn a healing technique that creates a balance between giving and receiving, two complementary energies, such as left and right, masculine and feminine, positive and negative.

A healthy flow of energy creates a balance between polarities in our consciousness.


This healing technique is good when...


  • You need to heal your relationship with your parents (mother or father)

  • You feel imbalance in giving or receiving between you and your partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend.

  • You have a hard time managing your finances

  • You give to others without limits

  • You don't have clear boundaries and can't say "No" to others

  • You don't allow yourself to receive from others

  • You don't allow yourself to give to others or to yourself

  • You feel the need to please others

  • and more...


What are the benefits of this Healing class?


Balancing between left and right, giving and receiving, male and female energies, can improve the harmonious flow of our lives. It takes us to a healthier state in which we are completely confident in the abundance that is available to us at any moment, and we feel like sharing goodness with other people.


The healing will clean your body from various physical symptoms, illness and pain. This valuable treatment releases out unnecessary patterns, keeping you clean, sharp and more balanced. Abundance in your life will flow more harmoniously.