Frequency 409; Unique Shamanic Healing with two Healers


You are invited to explore and receive a new stage of healing.... This unique powerful healing is given by two healers from the Curanderos lineage, Greg & Naama, who were initiated together by the Master Homaya Amar to various healing methods. Greg & Naama make special healing events in Israel and France. You can follow the events on their Website:

Frequency 409.


The special shamanic healing treatments:

Soul Pulling, Breath of God, The Cradle, Energy CleaningBalancing between Giving & Receiving

Energy Cleaning

Unique and powerful treatment that clears out limiting energies that are blocking us in our lives and creating energy leeches.


Throughout our life, we may be "hosting" foreign energies that don't belong to us and feed from the life force of our energy field and body. These forces sit in our auric field and suck our vital energy...


These energies find a "permission slip" or access while we are unaware of the situation; for example: when we are angry, go through a crisis or experience sadness... or when we make promises or vows... we open up and "invite" external energies to come in and sit onto us without us realizing it.


What does it feel like when these energies are with us?

You may experience the following symptoms: chronic fatigue, feeling weak, physical blockages in the body, any kind of emotional barriers, extreme negative reactions, quick losses of control, confusion, lack of clarity, judging others, being pessimistic and gloomy.



What does the treatment do?

The treatment will help you feel more positivity, vitality, lightness, and a sense of flowing and balanced life energy... It clears the way for pleasure and joy of life, a greater capacity to breathe and a sense of inner peace.

Balancing Between Giving & Receiving

This healing technique creates a balance between giving and receiving, two complementary energies, such as left and right, masculine and feminine, positive and negative.

A healthy flow of energy creates a balance between polarities in our consciousness.


This healing is for you when...

  • You need to heal your relationship with your parents (mother or father)

  • You feel imbalance in giving or receiving between you and your partner/ boyfriend/ girlfriend.

  • You have a hard time managing your finances

  • You give to others without limits

  • You don't have clear boundaries and can't say "No" to others

  • You don't allow yourself to receive from others

  • You don't allow yourself to give to others or to yourself

  • You feel the need to please others

  • and more...


How to identify imbalances in your life?

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, when one side is not balanced, it brings imbalance onto the other side. In the body, the right side is the one that gives while the left side is the one that receives.


The right side represents the masculine energy in our lives, while the left side represents the feminine energy. We are usually affected from patterns of giving and receiving that our parents instilled in us.


An unbalanced right side can express states of over-giving, the need to satisfy, giving up your personal needs, and energy leakage. Therefore, you feel exhaustion, fatigue, frustration, anger, and lack of energy. Imbalance can also manifest the inverse situation: difficulty to give or not giving at all, because you fear lack or loss in your life and you are afraid to share with others the infinite abundance of the universe.


An unbalanced left side can express difficulty to access and being open to the universal flow of abundance in our lives at all levels, from appreciation to gifts and money. Imbalance can also manifest the inverse situation: sucking energy from others, dependency, unclear boundaries, or the desire to be around certain people from which we derive a constant flow of energy.


What are the benefits of this healing?

Balancing between left and right, giving and receiving, male and female energies, can improve the harmonious flow of our lives. It takes us to a healthier state in which we are completely confident in the abundance that is available to us at any moment, and we feel like sharing goodness with other people.


The healing will clean your body from various physical symptoms, illness and pain. This valuable treatment releases out unnecessary patterns, keeping you clean, sharp and more balanced. Abundance in your life will flow more harmoniously.

Naama & Greg create together one complementary and precise healing energy,

masculine and feminine, which has proved to be very effective and meaningful for their patients.

You can read more about Greg Boudy, and Naama Gabbay.

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Breath of  god

The "Breath of God" is an ancient shamanic healing technique designed to make a big leap in the healing process of the individual.

The Breath of God, as its name implies, brings direct energy from Source... it sends a boost of concentrated energy from Divinity... and brings new opportunities to your life.

By breathing and passing on a boost of concentrated energy into a specific Chakra in the body, a shift in consciousness is activated both internally and externally, which brings significant changes in your life at all levels; physical, professional, family, social environments, and more...

If there are physical factors that hinder your life and prevent your progress in life, the Breath of God will create an intense transformation process. The Breath of God creates a strong and deep shift at all levels of life; it is a huge push that boosts up your healing wave.

Who is this healing for?

This therapy is suitable for people who are already in a process of self-awareness work and conscious transformation, and who have the tools to deal with a wave of divine energy breathed into them.

The Breath of God is a huge gift, and you need be ready for it.

The Cradle: Childhood Traumas & Patterns Release

This shamanic healing technique clears and releases patterns that we acquired during the early years of our childhood, from age 0 to 5.

Those are the years that leave the most significant mark for the rest of our life...

The events that happened, the unpleasant and traumatic experiences, have left deep wounds in our lives and impacted our belief system, our abilities, our social behavior, our sexuality, our relationships, and how abundance flows in our life...These are basically the foundations of our lives.

Many times, the memories we have are from later years, or we repress and ignore traumatic events that have happened to us. The patterns and forms we have acquired have their roots in the earliest years of our lives from age 0 to 5.

Throughout our lives, we repeat the same patterns without realizing that we brought them at an early age, and it is possible to release them from our system. Each time we repeat a pattern we create an opportunity to recognize it, identify it and then release it completely from our lives.

Some people go through years of psychotherapy to deal with childhood traumas and blockages. This shamanic healing allows you to process and clear some patterns in one session (usually takes 2 hours).


Who is this treatment for?

Everyone... and also:

  • People who repeating patterns in life 

  • Anyone who experienced an unpleasant event or memory during childhood

  • People who feel they have unfinished business with their parents, or who felt a lack of love during childhood 

  • Anyone who experienced a crisis as a child

  • Anyone who went through physical, emotional or verbal violence with his parents

  • Anyone who experienced sexual abuse or rape as a child

  • Anyone who feels blockages in his sexuality, or who has difficulty expressing himself sexually

  • People who were born from an unwanted pregnancy, people who were born by caesarean section or experienced a difficult and traumatic birth

  • Anyone who had an accident at a young age

  • Anyone who has the feeling of something deep rooted in childhood...


Soul Pulling

Soul pulling is a special technique for bringing back parts of your soul that have been lost during traumatic experiences, in this life and in previous lives.

This healing technique will help you gain back parts of your soul, so you can be in your full light.

Have you ever felt your soul flourishing? Have you ever had a crisis or a traumatic event in which you felt you lost parts of yourself? Have you ever felt that your breath was stuck while you experienced a very fearful and traumatic event?

In such situations, we lose particles of our energy field, pieces of our soul, which are pulled out while we experience traumatic or critical events: a deep rift, great sadness, fear and terror...

The Soul Pulling treatment collects back those pieces that were lost and returns them to the same parts of the body they left from, which creates a new integration of your energy field. This is a powerful treatment that gives a feeling of wholeness and peace.