Light Language Classes & Initiations

Light Language teachings and initiations, online courses, by Naama Gabbay, the Curanderos dynasty of shaman and healers in Mexico:

  • Light Language level 1

  • Light Language level 2

  • Light Language level 3

  • The Eternal Mobius (EMO)

  • The Catalan Solids

  • 108 Advanced Torus

  • The Advanced Prisms

  • Advanced principles & high magic for Light Language (The Rays)

Welcome to Light Language courses & initiations, from beginners level to the most advanced courses... the choice is yours; how much you want to deepen your knowledge and master Light Language.

Light Language is a universal language, it is the language of all that exists, of what you see and know and also what you don't know and hidden from your consciousness… When you learn "to speak" the origin language, life becomes simpler and full of possibilities. You can create many opportunities in your life, heal wounds and painful memories, and open new paths that will take you to places you never imagined… The 'Light Language' gives you a high leap in your life to co-create with the great consciousness in every aspect.

If I were asked to give a lecture on 'Light Language' I could talk for hours... telling how Light Language changed my life (and still does) and how many blessed changes took place within me and in my reality. So many things I fulfilled, things I never dreamed would be part of my path. I feel guided and loved, and enjoy to co-create my life consciously with 'Light Language'.

In the classes of 'Light Language' you learn how to use Sacred Geometry for your highest good, you learn to use the frequencies of these shapes and colors to make a difference in your life. Later on you will joyfully share with me the wonders that have occurred in your path... Your life are about to change with 'Light Language' because your consciousness will transform through these sacred divine frequencies.

Learning 'Light Language' is an extraordinary experience. It is not a regular course, but a sacred initiation, like the initiations that took place in the pyramids of ancient Egypt. To learn 'Light Language' is to enter another dimension and discover yourself in a different light... 


'Light Language' is royal, it is putting the crown on your head and having the wand in your hand... you become the true creator of your life, and you can have so much fun with it ! What can be more blissful than following your heart desires, the path of your soul...? 

The Light Language (LL) is an initiation from the Curanderos dynasty in Mexico, whose roots come from ancient Mayan culture. The Master of the Curanderos dynasty today is beloved Starr Fuentes, who lives in Arkansas, US.

Individual or group courses, via Zoom: 

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Who can receive the initiation for Light Language (LL)?

  • Every person who wants to expand his consciousness and raise his health frequency

  • Every person who wants to make a real change in his life

  • Anyone is seeking to acquire healing skills

  • Anyone who is seeking to have a "healing tool" and give a service to themselves, to their friends, family and community.

  • Every person who wishes to heal his parts, and bring more light to his aura field.

  • Therapists, healers, coaches, facilitators, counselors, teachers and all those involved in the medical, health and community care professions.

  • Every person who is attracted to Light Language, and has the curiosity to experience the divine frequencies in their pure form.


How does the initiation to Light Language (LL) take place?

  • Light Language teaching and initiation is provided online through the Zoom app.

  • The initiation is energetic, sacred, and multidimensional, and you receive a "download" of Light Language frequencies (LL) into your aura.

  • The classes and mentoring are recorded, and will be given to you at the end of the course. You can go back and watch classes anytime you want.

  • The tutorial includes textbook and practice exercises that will be delivered to you via email after registration and payment.

  • At the end of the initiation you will receive a certificate confirming your training in Light Language.

  • You can receive a private initiation or a group initiation for Light Language (LL)

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Initiation for Light Language level 1

(8 hours total)


Light Language Level 1 is the primary initiation into the incredible wisdom of the Curanderos dynasty, and the acquisition of healing skills through Sacred Geometry.

This initiation enables you to create grids of seven frequencies, for the seven chakras system.

These grids transform: thought forms, patterns, and beliefs that exist in your aura, allowing you to bring in a new light, a new perspective, and a new knowledge to your being.

The healing through a 7 frequencies grid is vast and huge, and its impact is apparent in all areas of your life. It is one of the powerful healing tools that works with each of your seven chakras equally, strengthens the flow and connection between the chakras, and brings each chakra the exact healing it needs. It's an energetic "outfit" that is uniquely tailored to your chakra system, and you learn how to do it yourself ! 

What do you receive in Light Language Level 1  (LL1)?

  • Teaching and initiation for 7 sacred geometric shapes and 7 basic colors + 2 additional special colors.

  • Teaching and initiation for a personal grid of 7 frequencies

  • Creating and activating a personal LL grid

  • Learn how to create a personal 7-grid for other people or for pets

  • Learn how to create stationary grids for home, office, objects, plants, your bank account, your website, your business card and more…

  • Teaching and initiation to more than 50 essences of Light Language, as conveyed by the Mayan culture, and can be used in diverse situations in your life.

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Initiation for Light Language level 2

(20 hours total)


Light Language 2 (LL2) takes you to a higher leap of creation and manifestation, by recognizing your abilities as a divine creator!

In Light Language Level 2 (LL2) you are initiated to a greater number of sacred geometric shapes and a variety of colors. You have more options for healing and transformation:

focusing the healing on a specific topic in your life, defining the essence of healing, and what you choose to change in your life. You have the possibility to liberate a pattern in your life, to let go of a habit, to eliminate addiction, to erase false beliefs, to change thought forms, and much more…

Light Language level 2 gives you a powerful healing tool to strengthen your self-confidence, discover additional talents within you, strengthen existing capabilities, improving relationships, making new connections, releasing former relationships, developing your personal potential to fly high, finding the right job for your skills with alignment to your soul's essence, knowing your true self, and bringing more joy, laughter and love to your life! There are so many healing options with Light Language level 2 (LL2), that you will celebrate your freedom of choice, and enjoy life so much more!

What do you receive in Light Language Level 2  (LL2)?

  • Teaching and initiation to 14 sacred geometric shapes and 18 colors.

  • Teaching and initiation to 11 sets and 11 stages that represent the flow of energy in the physical and energetic planes in your life.

  • Training and learning to create a grid of 49 shapes and colors.

  • Learning to activate a 49-Grid for you, for others, and for the community.

  • Guidelines for writing a personal grid of 49 frequencies on a particular topic that you want to heal in your life.


The initiation of Light Language level 2 (LL2), gives you enriched tools and skills in healing and creating new reality in your life. You can bring healing in specific issues, and create an abundance of opportunities and choices.

Light Language level 2 (LL2) is a powerful tool to lead you up in your path with any topic you choose to heal and transform!

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Initiation for Light Language level 3

(50 hours total)


Light Language 3 training is a high level of healing expertise and skill. In Light Language level 3 the potency of frequencies increases, and your personal ability extends beyond its normal limits.


You enter a domain where time and space do not exist, and everything happens in the eternal present, and in sync with the higher realms of the soul.

Initiation to Light Language 3 (LL3) takes you on journeys in various dimensions, and raises your skills of healing with light frequencies. Light Language Level 3 course gives you the opportunity to create significant changes that are woven into your eternal life tissue.


Healing with Light Language 3 takes place in the eternal present and does not depend on linear time and physical space. Light Language 3 (LL3) allows you to create deep healing in self-consciousness, and opens up new possibilities that you didn't think existed.

Light Language 3 is a portal for healing past life incarnations, and healing every particle in your present life, regardless time of past or future. Light Language 3 is a call of the soul for evolution and growth in the infinite light of the eternal.

What do you receive in Light Language Level 3  (LL3)?

  • Teaching and initiation to more than 80 sacred geometric shapes.

  • Teaching and initiation to more than 144 colors (In the range of visible and invisible colors).

  • Initiation to 144-grid

  • Creating a grid of 144 frequencies, that is sync with your 12 DNA strands, the high channels of your soul, and soul contract.

  • Possibility of in-depth healing work with large groups and communities.

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