Healing The Feminine & Masculine

This unique session brings healing to both the feminine and masculine energies within you and reunites them together in peace and harmony. The session highlights the core of your experiences with these energies and heals wounds, traumas, diseases, pain and any imbalance as a result of sabotage, resistance or struggle with the feminine and masculine.

Each one of us has feminine energy and masculine energy that create unity within our being; there is no one without the other. Whether you were born as a male or a female, you will experience your Self and the world through the properties of these two energies. When feminine and masculine forms a whole this maintains a harmonious connection of reciprocity and support that generates a healthy joie de vivre.

Everything that exists in this world consists of female and male energy, without exception. We live in a world where we learn about ourselves through duality and the harmonious balance between them such as: light and dark, day and night, cold and heat and so on. When one of the energies, feminine or masculine, becomes out of balance it immediately affects the other and changes our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.


Feminine and masculine energies are influenced, nurtured and cultivated by relationships, interactions, beliefs, patterns and habits. When one of these energies is suppressed, bruised, rejected or denied, it breaks the natural balance and harmony within us and causes suffering and pain, lack of love, worthlessness and insecurity in our existence.


The primary source of learning about feminine and masculine are from parents or caregivers as they are the first example in a child's life of female and male roles and their union. Likewise, cases where the parents were not physically present due to separation, abandonment, divorce or death are affecting the experiences of a person.

Everything we have learned and absorbed from our parents or primary caregivers shapes our: beliefs, feelings, thoughts, patterns, habits, and behavior. This initial imprint leads our way and determines our choices, affecting different streams of our lives: relationships, studies, occupation, place of residence, financial performance, matching with a partner, creating our own family, birth & children, physical health and much more...


All of the experiences in our lives with feminine and masculine energies allow us to learn and know ourselves and our natural essence; however, when one experiences pain, suffering, guilt, shame, remorse, rejection, abandonment or denial around feminine and masculine energy a sense of resistance and struggle arises, which creates a separation of powers and leads to a sense of alienation between these energies.

This session is designed to heal those wounded parts within you that have created a sense of separation, and possible condemnation, of one or both energies. It is a healing that illuminates those painful and rejected parts and brings clarity and insight into how these two energies function and effect your life. This unique healing process unites the masculine and feminine energies in a bond of love and completion. It is a process that creates inner peace with the female and male consciousness archetypes, bringing them into harmonious unity within you.


Example topics for sessions:

  • The value of femininity

  • The value of masculinity

  • A complicated and complex relationship with your mother

  • A complicated and complex relationship with your father

  • Difficulty creating commitment in relationships

  • Difficulty creating intimacy

  • Difficulty in making contact with men or women

  • Healing a relationship with a current mate

  • Healing trauma of divorce / separation / departure / abandonment / death

  • Healing and resolving a crisis in marriage

  • Sexual closure, lack of sexual desire, shame, avoidance of sex

  • Sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual coercion, sexual harassment

  • Physical or verbal violence

  • Insecurity in your body

  • A feeling of depression and deep sadness

  • A feeling of failure and dissatisfaction

  • A sense of rejection from the opposite sex

  • Feeling resentment and anger at the opposite sex

  • Difficulty creating healthy relationships with your children

  • Feelings of bitterness and frustration

  • Lack of joy in life, lack of motivation

  • Healing traumas from your own birth

  • Healing the reproductive organs (also from cancer)

  • Healing issues of fertility and reproductivity

  • Healing blockages in the creative energy

  • And much more...

I invite you to heal wounds and remove barriers caused by different experiences with masculine or feminine energy and release the emotional charge that disrupts your sense of inner harmony which limits self-love.


In the healing sessions, we will explore the events that led you to this point in your life and regenerate a unity of love between your feminine and masculine aspects. This is a process that brings joy, peace and love to your whole being.

Healing feminine & masculine
Healing feminine & masculine
Healing feminine & masculine

Healing the feminine and masculine


A process of several healing sessions combined with a personal grid of 12 shapes from Light Language.

The grid supports your healing process and deepens your insights on the unity of the feminine and masculine.

You can choose between a series of 4 or 7 sessions.

The shamanic healing sessions are held once a week and the duration of each treatment is one hour.

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Healing feminine & masculine