DNA Healing Session

DNA Healing is a sacred Shamanic treatment that works with the data you have in your DNA.



In fact, the DNA is changing constantly during a lifetime when one learn new skills, acquire new talents, study a new language, change a habit, quit addiction and so on...

Every change and formation is "written" in the DNA "library".


This ancient Shamanic technique help you to go straight to the source and work with all the data you have.


This powerful healing comes from the Curanderos lineage in Mexico and has imparted by the Master Starr Fuentas. The knowledge was passed to me by the beloved Master Homaya Amar.


What is the DNA?


The DNA is a deoxyribonucleic acid made of long molecule that contains our unique genetic code. It is located in every cell of our body.


The DNA can be described as a huge library that contains all the information, features and attributes about us. It contains the inheritance we received from the parents, the structure and the shape of our body, colors, dimensions, physical capabilities, energy level, talents, abilities, personal characteristics, behavior, reactions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and everything we have learned in this life and other lives.


In other words, the DNA contains EVERYTHING: every piece of information that makes us who we are.


The DNA contains information in all levels: physical level, emotional level, mental level, spiritual level, astral level, and more…


The DNA Healing is your access to your library of life. You can connect with all the information you have in this life and previous life, and make a transformation!


How the DNA Healing takes place?


The DNA Healing is divided to 2 sessions:

  • The first part of the Healing is a guided conversation to realize what you need to change in your life.

  • The second part is working directly with your DNA.


Duration time for the first part: 30 minutes.

Duration time for the second part: 60 minutes.


This session is given via Zoom.