Cutting the cords

"Cutting the cords" is an ancient shamanic healing that cuts attachments which prison you and limit your life. 

These cords are like ropes, chaines, lines, pipes, canals, that tangle you with people, places, objects, events, and sucking energy from you.

Each person has multitudes of invisible energetic cords that connects him with people, places and things. It can be hundreds and thousands. All cords influence your energy and affect your actions and your being.

What you cannot let go become a cord.
It can be a relationship, an object, a memory, and emotion, a thought...

All things you are attached to - forms into cords in your energetic field.

Cords are referred to as unresolved Karma, until you demolish it with awareness. The more cords you get rid of, the more energy you have.

The more cords you cut of, the faster you can go forward.
As simple as that.


In this healing event we will cut different types of cords that attached to you, and fill the void with new light frequencies.

Take this opportunity to become lighter and fly high !

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