Breath of God

The "Breath of God" is an ancient shamanic healing technique designed to make a big leap in the healing process of the individual.

The Breath of God, as its name implies, brings direct energy from Source... it sends a boost of concentrated energy from Divinity... and brings new opportunities to your life.

By breathing and passing on a boost of concentrated energy into a specific Chakra in the body, a shift in consciousness is activated both internally and externally, which brings significant changes in your life at all levels; physical, professional, family, social environments, and more...

If there are physical factors that hinder your life and prevent your progress in life, the Breath of God will create an intense transformation process.


The Breath of God creates a strong and deep shift at all levels of life; it is a huge push that boosts up your healing wave.

Who is this healing for?

This therapy is suitable for people who are already in a process of self-awareness work and conscious transformation, and who have the tools to deal with a wave of divine energy breathed into them.

The Breath of God is a huge gift, and you need be ready for it.


Everything is possible.
In life we copy beliefs, barriers and limits from our family, culture, and social net. there are some beliefs and limits that we believe so much to be the truth and so it is in our reality.

when we "dive" deep in the matrix, we believe that this is what exists...

we forget who we are, we forget that we are a god inside, and that everything is possible!

yes, each one of us is "a god", not "the god" but "a god".
and yes, there is much more in life than what you see in the matrix.

Do you wish to wake-up?
and how to wake up from this illusion, that can be sometimes a nightmare?


Awaken God within you! 


"Breathe of God" is one of the most precious ancient healing, that brings a pure energy of god directly into your body.


Imagine god blowing in to you... pure essence of love...

This essence lifts you up so high and gives a huge push to walk forward...

Whatever issues you have in life, this ancient healing will light up the dark corners and show you the true path.

**Those who have already received the breath of God in my Holistic clinic can receive another breath in one of the chakras and move their way forward with a big leap!

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