About Shamanism

By Naama Gabbay

What is Shamanisme?

Shamanism is a way of healing, connecting with the forces of the universe, the forces of nature and the force of our soul.


It has knoweledge of the world beyond what we see, and it takes us to a journey in different dimentions.


Shamanism is not a religion or faith, it is niether a cult nor a manipulation.

Shamanism is symply a natural way of healing, that connecting us with our center, with our higher-self, and with the light of divinity.


The Shamanism offers you infinate possibilities of healing and transformation. There is an answer to every disease. When the person is ready to face his darkest fears, and to look in the depth of emptiness, there he will find his answer.


The light is within us and around us, we just need to open our eyes and see it.


I propose you Shamanic classes to learn the art of life and healing, to find your true power, and your serenity.