About Naama Gabbay

Naama Gabbay is a gifted healer, blessed with ancient wisdom and knowledge. She is gracefully creating powerful transformations.


Naama Gabbay is a teacher of healing, shamanism and spiritual development. She channels divine light through her being and inspires the public in her classes.


She is part of the Curanderos, the origin of master healers and shamans.


Her roots are from Israel, and she speaks the language of Hebrew, English and French.

Naama Gabbay was initiated for the following:

  • Shamanic Healing

  • DNA Healing

  • Light Language (1,2,3 levels)

  • Royal Gems (1,2,3 levels)

  • DI Teacher (Divine Intervention teacher by the Curanderos)

  • Light Language Teacher by the Curanderos

  • Teacher for variety shamanic classes

  • Reflexology

  • Cristal stones

Naama Gabbay has a rich experience, a vast vision and a profound diagnose to support you in your path. 

Naama offers you diverts options of Healing:

  • Healing sessions in her studio in Bergerac

  • "Remote Healing" - sessions by phone/skype

  • DNA Healing

  • Light Language grids

  • Royal Gems pyramid

  • Shamanic courses for spiritual development


Naama is a "light worker".

Her sessions as well as her classes are open to everyone, all around the world. The sessions and the classes gives you the opportunity to transform and to heal. 

Her experience includes years of healing sessions to all populations, serving also women in pregnancy and birth as a Doula, teaching workshops and classes for spiritual development, as well as prenatal courses. 


Naama is gifted for Healing.  

Her knowledge derives also from all her lifetimes, as well as being part of a great heritage of shamans and healers.

Naama lives now in Bergerac (24) France, and her studio is open for Healing and teaching.

Naama is a master creator, she creates and plays consciously with frequencies and dimensions.

Her life is enriched by traveling around the world, connecting to healers and shamans, meditating, training, dancing and yoga.


Naama is guided by the light of her soul, and by the sparkling divine love!


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