About Naama Gabbay

Naama Gabbay is a shaman and a teacher of Healing for transformational self-development.

What characterizes her healing work is a unique style that combines extensive clinical experience, well-developed intuition, sacred initiations and ancient knowledge that she carries from all her lifetimes. Her consciousness is connected with supreme dimensions and elevated healing frequencies.


Naama was born in Jerusalem, Israel.

She studied and trained in her native country and in various countries around the world (Italy, Portugal, France, USA) which contributed to her profound and broad perspective on life. Her curiosity and passion for exploration led Naama to travel around the world, exploring different cultures, expanding her knowledge and firing her inspiration which has enriched the quality of her Healing and Teaching.


As part of her spiritual development Naama's path led her to France, where she lives today, and her healing skills were further honed as a result of this change. She has expanded her service and now offers shamanic treatments remotely. 

In her holistic work, Naama observes the whole person and their various aspects that create the necessary connections and mergers while cleaning toxins and releasing old paradigms from the system.

Her vast experience in healing and teaching allows her to establish the appropriate elements and means for unique personal development.

Naama aids each person to find their distinctive inner essence, to discover their abilities and to feel at ease. The healing and teaching that Naama offers allows a person to liberate outdated thought-forms, patterns, beliefs, structures, images, addictions and habits that obscure their true light and natural essence.


Naama has extensive experiential knowledge of feminine energy at all stages of life having helped many women navigate their way through ‘milestone’ phases, including pregnancy and birth. She supported women as a Doula, to maintain a healthy pregnancy and facilitate an empowering birth. Naama has assisted countless births in various hospitals in Israel in her capacity as Doula providing the necessary support for mother, baby and father, pre, during and post birth.  Her rich experience in healing, supporting different cases and various women, has contributed greatly to Naama’s expertise in the field of femininity.


Naama has a thorough knowledge of all physical and spiritual planes. She possesses a deep understanding of the meaning of feminine and masculine energies, their functions, and the ability to perfect them as one unit.  


During her life, Naama has received varied training and initiations, worked with a diverse range of people and gained invaluable knowledge about the human body and spirit.

Naama has developed a profound understanding of the effects of the connections that exist between the bodies, consciousness and the soul which have contributed to her natural talent in healing and her way of connecting with people.

Naama Gabbay acquired her knowledge and healing methods through many sources including the Curanderos lineage of healers from Mexico, led by Starr Fuentes. Naama received her main initiations and training, in the Curanderos, from her teacher Homaya Amar. In the Curanderos, Naama is qualified as a teacher of Divine Intervention (DI) and Light Language (LL).

Naama Gabbay's qualifications:

  • Divine Intervention teacher

  • Light Language Teacher 

  • Shamanic Healing Teacher

  • Shamanic Healer

  • Royal Gems

  • Reflexology

  • Crystal Stones Lithotherapy

  • Jin Shin Acupressure

  • Maternity Preparation Guide

  • Doula - supporting pregnancy and birth


Naama Gabbay speaks three languages:

Hebrew, English and French.


The healing and teaching offers to you:

  • Light Language Initiation & Healing

  • Shamanic Healing

  • DNA Session

  • Royal Gems : Light Crystal pyramid


Naama Gabbay provides Healing and Teaching to individuals and to groups.


You are invited to choose what is calling to your soul... and contact Naama.


You can read more information here:

Shamanic Healing

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About Naama Gabbay
About Naama Gabbay
Naama Gabbay
Naama Gabbay
About Naama Gabbay

2010 - present

2010 - present