A Circle of Gratitude

Shamanic Ceremony

This event has already occurred!

Thank you to all 17 participants for their open heart and will to learn and evolve!

"Circle of gratitude" is an important and necessary ritual to clear karma and move on to the next stage.


In the Circle of Gratitude we thank everything that exist in our lives, we thank Earth, we thank our higher-self and we thank the Source.

Gratitude is a key to open blockages from your path and to release unnecessary energy from your aura. 

In this ritual we will transform toxins and waste into gold

and redefine our path...

Join us in the circle of gratitude with the guidance of Naama Gabbay: Saturday 8 September at 15:00 in the magical forest of "Le Baylet", 24140 Montagnac la crempse.

This event include two parts:

1. The Ritual

2. A shared vegan meal 

* Please bring a vegan dish to share, a personal plate, a cup and cutlery

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*** Free Participation ***


Naama Gabbay, Shamanism

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Naama Gabbay

This special event takes place: 

when? Saturday 08/09/18, Hours: 15:00-20:00

where? In the beautiful nature of "Le Baylet"

24140 Montagnac la crempse